Halloween Decor


Costumes and candy are just one part of the fun of the Halloween season. If this holiday means a lot to your family, why not decorate your house to show your love for this spookiest of seasons? Halloween decor from Pottery Barn Kids allows you to create a festive, fun atmosphere both inside and out. Whether youʼre hosting a fun costume party or just want to make your home extra inviting to neighborhood trick or treaters, we have the decorative elements you need to transform your home into a hauntingly inviting celebration space.


From faux pumpkins to twinkling lights, weʼll help you make this a Halloween to remember. Our Halloween decorations for kids use the most iconic elements of the season to create a familiarly festive ambience. From skeletons and bats to cats and spooky-cute ghosts, your house will be unmistakably dedicated to this eerie celebration of the autumnal season. Although they may hint at ghost stories and other things that go bump in the night, our decorations are perfectly kid-friendly, eschewing gore and genuine terror in favor of charm and even a measure of elegance. From subtle string lights and festive garlands to mobiles and countdown calendars, we have a variety of different kids Halloween decorations for you to display.


For Halloween parties or special dinners for the family prior to trick or treating, combine our centerpieces and other festive decor with our seasonal tabletop items, such as chair covers, tablecloths, silverware, drinkware and table linens. Theyʼre ideal for completing the full holiday immersion experience. Take things a step further by using our tabletop products to serve up amazing Halloween treats. There are so many great ideas you can use as inspiration for your own spooky feast. From ghostly mozzarella balls to spider web pizza and brownie graveyards, you can complete the ideal holiday meal setup with decorations in all the right places.


From costumes for babies, toddlers and kids to treat bags that are suitable for both trick-or-treating and decorating, our Halloween supplies provide a one-stop shopping experience that will let you create the best Halloween celebration ever. This is a holiday thatʼs hard to overdo, so let your imagination go wild and donʼt hesitate to decorate all over your house.


Halloween is a particularly special holiday for younger kids, whose creativity is still in an innocent place where they can easily believe in the impossible. Help your kids feel transported to a different reality for the night by making your home into a veritable castle of holiday delights. To bring the decor to all parts of your house, consider decorating your childʼs room, too.


We have a variety of different light-up decorations, including flameless candles, to help soothe any fears that may come up, and we even have Halloween sheets. With some garland, a few festive candles and our soft, on-theme sheets, your kidʼs room will be even more special than normal. Keep the sheets reserved for the Halloween season or use them as part of your normal linen rotation to keep your childʼs love of costumes and mild spookiness alive all year round.


Make Halloween an extra-special event in your household by putting our excellent decor options to good use. From the dining room to your childʼs bedroom and in your outdoor spaces, our decorations will get everyone in the spirit of the holiday. With their festive style and careful design, these decorative pieces can be part of your Halloween celebrations for many years to come. Embrace the spirit of the season and bring some special decorations home with you today. Your children will certainly appreciate it, and you may even feel yourself getting excited for October 31 again too.

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