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Halloween Decor


While costumes are a major party of any Halloween celebration, kids’ Halloween decorations are a great way to bring your celebrations to the next level. From garlands and other hanging decor to countdown calendars, flickering candles and tabletop centerpieces, you can pick out the perfect combination of decor from our Halloween for kids’ selection. While we don’t shy away from traditional motifs such as bats and skeletons, we keep the spookiness level down low where it’s comfortable for almost everyone.


Halloween Tabletop


Helping to contribute to the family-friendly nature of our kids’ Halloween items, we have a variety of seasonal tabletop items that are just right for creating an approachable, on-theme tablescape. Choose from options including dinnerware, chair covers and centerpieces.


Halloween Treat Bags


Give your little ones something special to collect their candy treasures in during trick-or-treating. A definite upgrade from a pillowcase, our treat bags are generously sized for a significant candy haul, but they also add something special to your child’s costume. Plus, you can use them over and over again as your kid grows up. Many of our treat bags are personalizable so you can make this Halloween accessory even more special.


Costumes for Babies, Toddlers and Kids


From an infant dressed up as an adorable animal to a toddler emulating her favorite superhero, costumed tots are one of the most amusing aspects of Halloween. Our cool costumes are great not only for you and your Instagram but also for the kids themselves, who will love our fun, creative and comfortable options. Available in a range of sizes for infants, toddlers and elementary-age children, our costumes cover some classic bases while also bringing in a healthy dose of creativity for kids with wild imaginations and a fun sense of style.