Nightstands & Accent Tables

No matter what your child’s age, a set of nightstands and accent tables makes a great addition to a bedroom. These furnishings not only add to the overall look of the room, but they also provide additional storage to keep the bedroom nice and tidy. Let your son or daughter keep a stuffed animal or toy car or two from their toy box and keep it on top of their accent table and keep their favorite collection close at hand in the drawer of their nightstand. Pottery Barn Kids has a fine selection of nightstands and accent tables to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that goes with the theme of the room.

One of the things children look forward to the most is reading a book before drifting off to sleep. Each evening you can take your little one over to the bookcase to pick out a bedtime story. After the story has ended, you can display the book on the nightstand or accent table until the following evening when your child decides on a different storybook. If your son or daughter is a bit older, he or she may wish to stay up for 30 minutes reading their own stories, which they can easily set aside on the accent table when they are done.

When it comes to the accent tables, you’ll love the different styles that are available. The traditional plain circular tables have the ability to double as play tables, while the star-shaped tables match any dream or astronomy-themed room. Opt for the elephant-shaped accent table if your child has a love of animals, the marble-topped table if you’re looking for something a little more elegant, or the clear acrylic nesting tables that provide two different heights and match everything. For kids that enjoy being a little bit different, there’s a round tufted ottoman that works as an accent table.

Should you decide that a nightstand is the way to go, you may want to choose your piece based on functionality. There are units that come with one drawer, and a few others that even offer two drawers. These are best if your child needs an extra drawer that is separate from his dresser to store socks and undergarments. Some of the nightstands have shelves instead of drawers. You’ll want to go this route for keeping coloring books and picture albums neatly stacked side-by-side. If you prefer, you can get a combination of the two by picking a nightstand with a top drawer and a bottom shelf.

Another option is to select a nightstand that looks a little more like a small cabinet. When you open up the single insert panel door, you’ll find two shelves. Since the door keeps the items behind it hidden, your child can use this space for safely storing a jewelry box. The shelves inside the nightstand are also adjustable, which means if your child would like to place a taller item, such as a stuffed giraffe, in the nightstand, you can simply move the shelf down a little lower.

The cabinets and accent tables come in a variety of colors and materials as well. White, soft gray, and chocolate are quite popular, although you can also find them in such colors as navy and espresso. Many of the furniture pieces are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which is much better for the environment and ensures there are no harmful chemicals emitted into the air where your precious little one would be breathing them in. Additionally, the nightstands and accent tables are carefully tested to meet the highest safety standards. Each piece is crafted with care and made to be extremely durable to last throughout your little one’s childhood.