Kids & Baby Nightstands

Putting the fun into functional when picking out furniture for a kids’ room makes things very exciting. As a parent, you’re great at seeing the practical side of things: you want to make sure there are enough drawers and shelves for your child’s clothes, and storage bins to keep toys organized. You think about ways to help your kids get a good night’s sleep, or concentrate when studying. Kids, on the other hand, tend to focus totally on play. That’s normal and even healthy. At Pottery Barn Kids, we like to cater to both the fun factor and practical aspects when designing furniture. Our goal is to help you put together a room that looks awesome and inspiring, but also gets the job done every day. How do kids and baby nightstands fit into the picture? Here are a few ideas and tips.

Why is having a nightstand or two useful in a kids’ room? There are lots of benefits, and they depend somewhat on the age of your child. For school-age kids, a nightstand gives them a spot for electronic devices. Having a designated place to charge their tablet or phone is great because it helps avoid accidents, like sitting unexpectedly on a gadget that slipped underneath the covers. Nightstands provide a stable surface to keep important things safe and close by.

Some nightstands are like mini-dressers. They include two or three drawers perfect for the things your children use a lot. Plush toys, coloring books, secret journals and anything else they treasure fit neatly inside. You can also store everyday clothing items like socks, jeans and T-shirts. Getting ready for school doesn’t take long because they know exactly where to look. Hanging closet organizers are another way for you to set out specific outfits ahead of time for kids.

For some toddlers and young ones – and virtually all babies – having a nightstand with a lamp produces a calming sensation at night. The indirect glow of a lamp creates warmth in the room, and makes children feel safe and secure. Kids like the fact that they can turn on the light in a second if they need to use the bathroom early in the morning, and also just to check on their surroundings if they hear an unexpected noise. Because table lamps help your kids to relax, many parents like to switch off brighter bedroom light fixtures around bedtime and leave a cozy lamp on instead. It usually helps kids fall asleep a lot faster.

What about filling the room with color, excitement and emotion? Nightstands are way more than just a spot to put things. They make great spaces for decor and add to the room’s ambience too. Each piece looks a little bit different – some very different – so it’s not hard to find something that’s adventurous, elegant, artistic or comfortable: whatever fits the overall theme of your kids’ bedroom. For example, in a princess bedroom with a canopy bed, nightstands with delicate and flowing legs work like a charm. You can decorate with other royal accents, like dolls, music boxes and flowers.

In an underwater-themed bedroom, you can use nautical decor on top of a nightstand to make your kids feel like they’re sailing the high seas or relaxing on a tropical beach. Seashells, plush dolphins, whales and other aquatic animals, rope decor and model ships all add to the ambience. What else helps to create an ocean vibe in a bedroom? Wall art like surfing murals and photographs spark young imaginations. You can even hang a colorful beach towel or prop a surfboard up in the corner of the room for major style and excitement.

Feel free to color outside of the lines when decorating your child’s bedroom. No one said that nightstands had to be square. They come in many shapes and sizes: round, cubic, triangular, heart shaped and tons of other possibilities. In reality, anything can make a great nightstand – tree trunks and travel chests are rustic and bold – as long as it fits your design vision and makes your child happy.