A Bedtime Story for Them

Personalize these books with their name for an extra-special gift and keepsake.

Kids Books

Kids are sheer proof that learning and fun easily go hand in hand. When you give your child a book, you not only give them a happy surprise that is used again and again, but you also give the gift of learning. Pottery Barn Kids has plenty of captivating and creative kids books. From classic stories to new adventures, there is a kids book for every occasion.

Holiday Books

Holidays are the perfect time to give a child a new book. Choose from a variety of Christmas books to brighten their holiday season, many of which include the child’s own name within the story. Others come with a sweet plush toy – two gifts in one. Pick up classic holiday favorites, too, like the story of Rudolph.

Birthday Books

Birthdays are special for everyone, but especially when you’re a child. Celebrate your little one turning another year older with a book that features them within the story. Choose from birthday adventure books for boys and girls, or commemorate your little one’s first birthday with a personalized book that celebrates the occasion.

Books for Siblings

Speaking of birthdays, a child’s actual birth day is a good reason to buy something thoughtful for the newly appointed older sibling. Several books speak to the significance of becoming a big brother or sister. Some even come with a medal for the older sibling in honor of their new role.

Baby Journals

Long before the new little baby is old enough to enjoy stories, moms and dads delight in creating the child’s own story to share one day. Baby journals are a nice way to keep track of favorite photos, important milestones and any other information about your child’s development over the first few years. These linen covered journals also come personalized and feature the child’s photo on the front.

Bedtime Books

Story time is a nightly ritual your child will grow to love in only a few months. Reading to children of all ages is important. That’s why it’s great to have personalized bedtime stories so babies and toddlers can hear their own names. Bright colors and cute characters also keep them engaged. After hearing their mom or dad’s voice read to them, little ones are sure to sleep peacefully.

Preschool Books

Of course, inquisitive toddlers not only enjoy hearing stories but also want to read them. To make learning to read is fun from the start, choose personalized preschool books to help your child start on the right page. Some books teach the basics like numbers and counting, while others teach the alphabet. Personalization and fun characters make reading these books a delight for preschoolers.

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