Girls Quilts & Comforters

Taking the time to pick out the right quilt for your daughter’s room is as important as it is a pleasure – especially when you choose it together. The quilt will not only keep her warm during the cold winter months, but it will also add style to the room that reflects her character. When designing the room, you may even wish to get the quilt first and use that as inspiration for the rest of the decor. Pottery Barn Kids has sheets for girls that go with a large selection of quilts and comforters. You won’t have any trouble finding the perfect set either, as we offer a multitude of colors, patterns and sizes.

One option you’ll want to consider is a reversible comforter set. This is a perfect solution for any girl who enjoys changing up the look in her room from time to time. One side features a bright solid color, like pink, red or orange. Flip the quilt over to reveal white with a rectangular colored border. The color will match the opposite side of the blanket. There are a total of 10 color options available in the reversible quilts.

Perhaps your daughter has a favorite symbol that she plans on incorporating in to the theme of the room. Our collection includes quilts with colorful rainbows that remind you to dream big, dandelions that make you think of spring and hearts that prompt you to be loving and kind to all you meet. Butterflies, pom pom designs and geo prints are also popular choices. Once you have a pattern picked out, you may want to grab a second quilt set for your daughter’s trundle bed. Then, when your daughter has her first sleepover her friend will be just as comfortable as she is.

Several of our quilts come with the extra option of being personalized. Your daughter’s face will light up when she sees her name carefully stitched into the soft comforter. Instead of your child’s first name, you can opt to have the quilt personalized with a nickname, initials or last name. You can take this a step further and have a few other bedding pieces personalized as well. We are able to add names to sheet sets, pillow cases, shams and duvet covers. Use Christmas or your daughter’s birthday as the perfect opportunity to gift her with these personalized items, or give them as a gift when redecorating the room.

Each of the quilts in our various collections for our girl rooms are quality made so that your daughter can enjoy them as she grows into a young lady. You’ll immediately notice the soft comforter has stitching that has been done by hand. Most are made of a 100 percent cotton percale. The benefit to percale is its ability to be durable while still allowing the fabric to breathe. The pieces are easy to clean at home in your washing machine using the gentle cycle and the warm water setting. Afterward, you can hang the quilt outside on a clothesline to dry, or tumble it in your dryer on low heat.

If you’re looking for something a little more on the unique side, we also have quilts that feature stitching in the pattern of seashells and comforters dyed to look like they have been decorated with water color spots. The silver dot bedding has more of an elegant feel, while the quilts with added ruffles appeal to girls who love a little extra frill in their lives. You’ll be surprised at how topping your bed with one of these quilts while a bed skirt decorates the bottom really transforms the room. The space will feel inviting and your daughter will want to spend more time in her room cuddling up on her comforter with a good book.