Kids’ Beach Towels

Pack up and get ready for a day of fun in the sun! Our kids’ beach towels collection features eye-catching colors and designs that make beach days all the more more entertaining. From beloved movie characters to adorable animals, there are plenty of choices for the whole family. You can also find a variety of accessories to help you pack your bags and stay dry when it is time to head home.

Beach towels are summer essentials. They offer a place to sit, keeping sand and grass at bay. They can add softness to a beach chair or serve as a headrest while reading books, comics or magazines. Of course, they also help keep everyone dry after dips in the water. Pottery Barn Kids uses absorbent materials to help wick away water after splashing around in the waves. You can pack a couple of beach towels for each member of the family – one to keep dry with while using another to provide spaces for playing with beach toys, reading or enjoying a picnic lunch. Beach towels can also double as wraps. Drape them over your kids’ shoulders to keep them warm after a swim or to shelter their skin from the sun. Our collections also feature beach wraps and cover-ups, which are easy to wear while building sand castles or digging moats.

Single-size beach towels are fantastic for draping over poolside lounge chairs or drying off after a dip. Our collections also include large family-size towels, letting you set up a space for the whole crew. Pair large towels with accessories such as beach umbrellas or pop-up tents to add some shelter from the sun and wind. We offer plenty of items that provide protection from UV rays, from tents to sunglasses and our beach towels, which are rated UPF 50+ for added sun protection and comfort.

Our towels feature durable materials that hold their softness and brightness over many uses. If you use your towels on a sandy beach, give them a good shake before you pack it in your bags. This helps keep sand out of your tote bag and car, and it keeps the fibers of your towels looking new. When you pack your beach bag, be sure to bring a few wet/dry pouches. That way, you can keep damp towels separate from items such as books and food. You can also stow larger family-sized towels in waterproof totes when you pack up at the end of the day.