Kids’ Pajamas, Robes and Slippers

No matter what time of year it is, a comfortable pair of pajamas is a must for a good night’s sleep, whether you’re an adult or a child. When it comes to kids’ pajamas, robes and slippers, comfort is imperative but so are designs and motifs that kids will enjoy, constructed with materials that are safe and soft against children’s skin. Shop our selection of pajamas and other sleep and loungewear gear we have at Pottery Barn Kids that are made especially for kids. From cute animal characters that are sure to be a hit to themed pajamas based on your child’s favorite movie, there is sure to be something your child loves to wear to bed every time.

Just because your baby has grown is now a toddler doesn’t mean he or she can’t wear a comfortable onesie to bed. Look for one-piece sleepers in soft fleece fabrics. These types of sleepers are also brushed, adding an extra softness against your child’s skin. Made especially for cooler weather, these sleepers are a superb choice for chilly nights or for reading holiday-themed books by the fire come wintertime. Each sleeper also features a hood with an animal design, which keeps your child more cozy and warm during a chilly night but also thrills them with a fun motif, such as a kitten or shark. These sleepers come in a variety of sizes, from 2T to a kids’ 10-12, so even your older child can sport a fun, fleece onesie to bed.

Other options for pajamas for when the cooler weather comes around include a set of flannels. These two-piece pajama sets are ideal for bedtime and for lounging around the house during a snow day or as playroom wear on a rainy day inside. Made of soft polyester flannel, these types of pajamas also come in myriad sizes to fit everyone from toddlers to older children. An elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit, even as your child is growing. As with all of our other pajama selections, these pajamas are washer- and dryer-safe, so they’re easy to clean and maintain yet durable enough to last for many bedtimes. Choose from a variety of different characters that your child is sure to love. With all gender-neutral choices ranging from space movie characters to superheroes, you can easily find something that suits your child’s tastes.

For a more subtle type of flannel pajama, you can also opt for a pair of solid-color flannel pajamas. Cool and crisp after a bath, these pajamas come in several different colors, offering you choices for boys and girls. These pajama sets are made of breathable polyester, making them suitable for any time of year, and are also nonflammable for safety. Soft and luxurious, they are bound to give your son or daughter a restful night’s sleep. If you’re thinking about a gift for your child or someone else, these also come with the option of personalization, allowing you the ability to put your child’s name or initials on his or her pajamas, making it a special gift.

Feet also need to be cozy around the house, whether it’s for all-day softness or just before bed. Choose from a variety of different suede slippers to keep your child’s feet toasty warm when needed most. With many different sizes available, each slipper has a sole constructed of 100 percent cotton for comfort. Each pair also has an exterior made of polyester micro suede, which resists stains, plus wear and tear. Choose from a variety of different colors, from lavender to red, to match your child’s existing pajamas or even room decor. A soft sherpa lining makes sure that feet stay toasty warm, no matter how cold it is outside.