Kid’s Luggage and Backpacks by Size

Parents traveling with their kids often run into the question of just how exactly to pick the right luggage for their children. Whether you're going on a family getaway or sending your kids off to an adventure of their own at a sleepaway camp, it's crucial that you have a suitcase ready for the occasion. Keeping all of their belongings packed in a nice, size- and age-appropriate bag will not only make your life easier but also give your kids something to get excited about. Pottery Barn Kids carries many incredible options of luggage for kids in a variety of sizes, colors and types, guaranteeing that you'll have an easy and fun time finding the match for your child.

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How to Measure Luggage and Backpacks Depending on Your Child's Size and Age

When picking the luggage you want for your child, the first order of business is determining size. After all, your pick should be comfortable enough for them to handle independently or for you to take over as needed and should also have the capacity to store everything that's necessary.

Backpack style luggage should comfortably fit your child, so a good rule of thumb is to get a tape measure and figure out the dimensions that won't overwhelm your child. The margins of your backpack of choice shouldn't stick out beyond an inch in any direction from your child's back.

If you're looking for a bag with wheels, remember to get an accurate measurement of your child's height as well as the distance between your child's waist and the ground. That'll give you a ballpark of how long the bag's handle should be for your kid to wheel it around safely and comfortably.

For parents opting for a tote, consider the weight capacity of the model of your choice. Depending on your child's age and stature, they might not be able to carry anything past a certain weight threshold.

Shopping for Backpacks Based on Your Child's Size and Age

Even if you have a reliable set of measurements to guide your purchase, many factors may influence how appropriate a certain backpack or luggage is for you and, more importantly, your kid. That's why looking at places with a standardized size chart is always a good idea.

The bags and backpacks you'll find on Pottery Barn Kids provide you with all the information you need to know to make your purchase. Standard backpacks and those that can be adapted to roll come in four sizes based on your child's height, with options available for children as small as 36" and suitable for those over 48".

Keep in mind that many of the backpacks and luggage that Pottery Barn Kids carries has adjustable straps and handles that you can customize to match your child's needs.

How to Pick Travel-Size Luggage

If you're getting on a plane, there's another aspect to luggage to consider: which you can take as carry-on and which you'll need to check to go in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Fortunately, the dimensions that allow you to take your bag as a carry-on are clear on most airline companies' websites. Some of the models available at Pottery Barn Kids come with the disclaimer that they're airplane-compliant.

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Determining the Size of the Luggage Your Child Needs for Travel

Once you have an idea of which types and sizes of backpacks and luggage suit your kid, the next step in choosing the right one is figuring out if it'll fit your specific needs. Backpacks for school are easy. They only need to be big enough (and able to sustain enough weight) to store your child's supplies and schoolbooks.

But if you're packing for a trip or a sleepover, it's vital that you keep in mind what will fit inside each bag. If your child's clothes take up a lot of room, it might be worth it to look into toiletries bags, totes and cases for any electronics that might be traveling with you and your family.

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