Decorating With Nursery Rugs

A rug can incorporate color, pattern and texture to your floors in addition to adding a plush touch to both hardwood and carpeted flooring. Pottery Barn Kids' collection of nursery rugs includes various colors, textures and patterns that can coordinate with any space. In fact, these kids room rugs just might serve as the finishing touch to your child's bedroom or playroom decor. So, learn more about the rugs available in this collection and then select one to accent your home.

Durable Constructions

Kids room rugs come in a variety of constructions, all of which hold up well under your children's foot traffic. You can find oh-so plush shag rugs crafted of pure polypropylene with a synthetic latex backing that extends the rug's life. This collection also includes hand-tufted wool rugs, which feature a low pile height that remains plush without becoming matted. Wool fibers resist staining and soiling and prove flame resistant as well, making it a safe addition to your child's bedroom or playroom. Finally, this collection also includes rugs crafted of chenille and jute, materials that are soft, durable and biodegradable.

Available Sizes

Nursery rugs in this collection come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to use them throughout your child's space. Classic rectangular rugs are available in sizes ranging from 3-by-5 to 8-by-10. Use larger rugs to ground the furniture in your child's bedroom, placing these rugs under the bed. Smaller rugs can help define a play space in a child's bedroom or accent a glider or armchair. This collection even includes round rugs, which can add a colorful touch to the playroom when positioned under a play table.

Colors and Patterns

There's no shortage of color or pattern in this collection. Whether your child's room features neutral hues or a vibrant color palette, you can find rugs that coordinate. Embrace classic patterns like stripes, houndstooth or dots, or go vintage with a softly patterned antique rug. Add a vibrant touch with colorfully patterned rugs that feature kid-friendly primary colors of red, yellow and blue. Or, soften your room's color palette with pastel rugs available in hues like yellow, mint, soft pink and soft blue.

With the addition of a rug to your child's bedroom or playroom, your space will instantly look more polished. Plus, these rugs can add a plush touch to the flooring, perfect for toddlers learning to walk and young children who enjoy playing on the floor. With so many options available in this collection, you're sure to find a style that both you and your child love.