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Kids' Window Hardware That Creates the Perfect Look

Window hardware - a broad term for everything from curtain rods and finials to curtain rings and holdbacks - is an essential, but it doesn't have to be plain or boring. You can choose kids' window hardware that complements your children's bedroom decor and adds little punches of style where they carry a lot of weight.

Standard Window Rods

Curtain rods come in a wide range of finishes, but you'll want to choose those made with a steel core for durability and strength. Choose between finishes such as:

  • Brushed gold, which is perfect for whimsical rooms and classic decor
  • Nickel, which is modern and complements sleek styles, game and sports themes, and contemporary furnishings
  • White, which goes with anything

Ideally, you'll be able to find a complete set that includes mounting brackets and rings that make the curtain-hanging process more convenient. You can even choose a single return rod set that allows the curtains to meet the wall, maximizing privacy and minimizing sunlight.

Finials for Kids' Rooms

Choose finials that match your child's room's theme or design. Pick between beautiful glass finials that look like colorful bubbles, simple or ornate metal pieces, or fun shapes and designs that match the rest of the room's decor. Opt for pretty pastels, simple and elegant white, or bold and vibrant colors to match drapes and other decorative elements. Usually, these curtain rod ornaments screw into place, which means you can change them as frequently as you'd like for a quick refresh in the style department.

Kids' Curtain Rings

Curtain rings - essential for some types of curtains, such as blackout curtains, drapes and other curtains, are available in a wide range of styles. Some feature metal clips designed for use with drapery hooks, open-and-close mechanisms that work well with grommeted curtains, and hooks that make hanging curtains simple. Typically, a set of 10 rings is sufficient for hanging a full window panel.

Holdbacks for Kids' Curtains

Choose holdbacks that are large enough for heavy-duty drapes or those that are made for lightweight sheer curtains. Holdbacks can be simple and sleek or ornate and decorative - but either way, they're a necessity if you want to customize the way the windows look in your kids' rooms.

Choosing kids' window hardware to match your children's styles can make a tremendous difference in the overall feel of a room. With the right hardware, including curtain rods, finials, rings and holdbacks, you'll be able to create a stylishly balanced space that your kids will love.

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