The best window treatments for reducing light and sound.

Sheer Curtains for Kids' Rooms

Outfit your kids' bedrooms with sheer curtains that complement their decor. Pair soft, sheer drapes with a Roman shade or layer them over kids' blackout curtains to create a custom look that your children will love.

Linen Sheer Curtains

Choose your child's favorite shade and create a beautiful look with sheer linen curtains. Supremely soft and amazingly stylish, these relaxed, almost-whimsical curtains can hang on their own or layer over drapes to create a custom look. Pick tie-top curtains or solid panels that feature a pole pocket to make your child's room look its best. In many kids' rooms, linen curtains are best when they're floor length or apron-style. Floor-length curtains almost brush the floor - they hang about 0.25 inches above it - but they're not always the best choice when you have a little one who's just learning to crawl or pull him- or herself up. Apron-length curtains are ideal for windows you open often, because they hang about 4 inches below the sill and they're much easier to manage than longer curtains are.

Embroidered Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains with patterns and designs are always a hit with kids. Choose from curtains with intricate appliqué cut-outs, embroidered stars or other shapes. In many cases, embroidered curtains like these are made from a blend of polyester and rayon, which means they hang beautifully whether they're alone or paired with drapes, shades or blinds. These types of curtains let in a significant amount of light on their own - they're definitely sheer - so if you want to make your child's room more private, or if you want to block out sunlight during the day or headlights from traffic at night, it's a good idea to pair them with blackout shades or drapes. (As a side benefit, blackout drapes and shades are often designed to muffle sound from outdoors, too.)

Hanging Systems and Window Hardware for Curtains

Curtains come with a variety of hanging options. These are some of the most popular styles:

  • Pole pockets, which require you to insert a curtain rod
  • Tab top, which features a row of fabric loops that encircle a curtain rod
  • Tie-top, which includes a series of ties that you wrap around (and tie) around a curtain rod
  • Drapery hooks, which slide across a curtain rod

With the right sheers in your child's room, you'll be able to create a look your whole family loves. When you choose the right color, pattern and style, the whole room will look more balanced and harmonious - and that's exactly what you need in kids' rooms.

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