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Toddler Halloween Costumes


Toddlers and Halloween can be a fun combination, especially when it’s time to choose a costume. Your little one is still small enough to pay attention to your input but old enough to have exciting ideas about what he wants to be when he goes out trick-or-treating or to his preschool Halloween party. He may even recognize or have an affinity for certain characters or animals. Just like infants and big kids, there are so many options to choose from in sizes 2T and 3T


Toddler Halloween costumes run from cute and cuddly to cool and inspiring, and you’re sure to find something to fit every little personality when you shop at Pottery Barn Kids. Before you get to the fun stuff, there are some guidelines you may want to keep in line when choosing Halloween costumes for toddlers.


Comfort is important at this age; a child wearing a costume that’s too warm or scratchy may not feel his best and brightest, and you want the holiday to go smoothly. Dress your little one in something weather-appropriate. If Halloween is a colder holiday for your area, look for costumes made of fleece or faux fur with extra lining. Some may have built-in hoods, feet or mittens for added warmth. If you live in a warmer climate, skip the cozy costumes and opt for short sleeves and costumes that slide on and off over your toddler's clothing.


Safety is also important at this age, so avoid costumes made from flammable materials. Also, keep in your mind that your toddler is probably not quite as steady on his feet as older children are. Avoid costumes with socks or shoes that could cause your little one any difficulty walking. Also, choose costumes that don’t obstruct the eyes, nose and mouth, along with costumes that aren’t bulky and those that make it easy for your toddler to move around.


Like the big kids, toddler Halloween costumes cover just about every category you can imagine. When choosing a character, it’s time to let your imagination shine, but remember to make sure your little one approves. You can stay safe with an adorable yet classic option, such as a ghost, witch, pumpkin or black cat. These keep with the spooky Halloween theme and are easy to match with complementing accessories. You might even find matching treat bags to complete these costumes.


Toddlers also enjoy dressing like their heroes. These may range from charming princesses to tough superheroes. They may even include people in your community such as police officers, firefighters or pilots. Race car drivers, cowboys, cowgirls, train conductors and truck drivers are also fun for this age group.


Another popular category for Halloween costumes for all ages is animals. These costumes are favorites among toddlers because, at that age, they already recognize many animals. Dogs and cats are beloved critters, as are farm animals such as cows and pigs. To stick with the Halloween theme, choose a slinky spider or a bat with a fun cape. As a matter of fact, toddlers will love to twirl around in any costume that includes a cape or a tutu.

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