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Halloween Tabletop


Festive decor is a must if you want to celebrate Halloween, but there’s more to it than just setting some spooky candles, smiling pumpkins and dancing skeletons around willy nilly. As with any kind of decorating, you can bring Halloween decor into every room of your house, and you can even set a spectacular table for a themed holiday meal.


Pottery Barn Kids’ Halloween tabletop collection enables you to take your holiday spirit to the next level, providing family and friends with themed dinnerware and decor to enjoy for a festive fall feast. With options including drinkware, silverware, table linens, Halloween plates for kids and decorative chair covers, you can transform your dining room into the perfect party palace. Whether you’re hosting a costume party for kids and adults or you just want to make your house more festive for your own child’s enjoyment, our Halloween tabletop items are the perfect fit. Focusing on the traditional Halloween color scheme of black, white and orange, these tabletop pieces are just what you need to put the finishing touches on your spooky holiday meal. From printed plates that are perfect for kids to elegant centerpieces that would be right at home on a glamorously goth-inspired table, you can pick and choose the pieces that are best for your personal style and decoration goals.


Of course, the focus for all of our Halloween products is on the kids, so even though there are plenty of options here that could suit a childfree household, we keep the focus on a gentle spookiness that won’t cause any upset, even for the gentlest little ones. Rather than using gore and horror to make their mark, our Halloween collections, including the Halloween tableware, is far from frightening. These kid-friendly designs use smiling faces and big, expressive eyes to keep even ghosts and skeletons looking approachable. Your kids will be too busy having fun and remembering their amazing Halloween experience to get too spooked.


While we offer plenty of Halloween tabletop items that you can use for serving and eating, we also offer some decorations that are perfect for your dining room. We offer chair covers, including some personalizable options, to transform your ordinary dining set into a fantastic collection of Halloween characters. From smiley ghosts to starry-eyed jack-o’-lanterns and friendly felines, you can pick out a collection of chair covers that will transform your dining area without creating any permanent damage through the use of adhesives and other fasteners.


If you know any kids whose birthdays line up with this spooky holiday season, our Halloween items make great gifts. Personalized treat bags, twinkling Halloween string lights and other small items can be paired with a small birthday treat that doesn’t have anything to do with the holiday. This will let you recognize the special birthday boy or girl while also showing how fun it is to share a birthday with a holiday that’s all about dressing up and eating yummy treats.


Birthday or not, our Halloween tabletop items and decorations are always a nice surprise. You can make Halloween into your kids’ favorite time of year by picking out some fun holiday accessories. Serve up some spooky themed treats on our Halloween tableware to give your kids a healthy pre-trick-or-treating snack. You can get creative and use fruits and veggies to create a delightful and health-conscious Halloween meal so you can be sure your little ones are getting some nutrition before they dig into their candy.


Get creative and have some fun. That’s what this holiday is all about. You don’t need to have a childlike excitement for candy to get into the spirit, and with the right approach, you can help your kids enjoy all the different elements that make Halloween so great.