Choosing Christening Gifts That Commemorate The Day

Be sure to find the most beautiful Christening gifts you can when invited to a baptism ceremony or party afterwards. This special event often means a lot to families, who look to the ceremony as an important way of gathering love around their baby for the rest of his or her life. Whether you've been honored as a godparent or simply attend as a friend or family member, use this occasion to showcase your care for the baby, too. Keepsake gifts, personalized mementos, fine silver collectibles and other presents are wholly appropriate for this joyous occasion. Feel free to indulge in high-end Christening gifts that will always be remembered.

What Are Christening Gifts?

The gifts you choose for this wonderful event are often a little bit more formal than you might choose for a birthday party or winter holiday. Christening gifts are meant to be commemorative as much as they are celebratory, so discover the wide array of choices you can make at Pottery Barn Kids today.

  • This is an occasion for which many people select traditional gifts. The intention behind these gifts is to give the child something that he or she can reflect upon in later years as a token of the love they received from the very beginning of their life.
  • Giving these gifts is also a show of love for the parents of the baby, who have invested all their care in bringing a community of like-minded people together to care for their baby alongside them on this special day. If you're a godparent, the promise to care and nurture lasts for life.
  • Since a baptism is such a momentous event, be sure your gifts reflect that significance. Choose with love, take the time to discover high-quality gifts and gorgeous designs.

Personalized Baptism Gifts

The occasion of a Christening is the perfect time to select personalized gifts. As a classic way of celebrating a baby's beginning path in life, these gifts are traditional and personal.

  • Choose a baby cup with a lovely script engraving of the baby's name and a date. Choose the date of the baptism in this case.
  • Picture frames are often given for baptisms, because they allow parents or other family members to hold a space in the home where they continue to commemorate the growth of their baby. Frames can be engraved with names.
  • For a more whimsical gift that may be an add-on, choose a wooden block that has lots of space for a first and middle name on one side. On the other side, the block highlights a large initial letter, so parents can display either side, depending on the decor in the nursery.

Meaningful Gifts and Keepsakes

Focus your gift-giving efforts on keepsakes. These meaningful gifts capture the spirit of Christening gifts and will stand out as the years pass.

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