Top Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys and Girls

Children who've just turned one are at an interesting stage in their life, leaving behind infancy and moving on to toddlerhood. The best gifts for 1 year old boys and girls are those that celebrate their curiosity and help them to thrive. Shop the collection of top baby gifts from Pottery Barn Kids to find great gift options for the special one-year-olds in your life.

Baby Toys and Playtime Favorites

Children who are one to two years old are constantly on the move, touching everything they can and learning as they go. You can never have too many toys around to satisfy their curious minds. The fun toys and playroom equipment in this collection are both kid- and parent-approved.

  • Developmental toys like stacking cup sets and musical instruments help toddlers to develop their cognitive and motor skills.
  • Just like a baby blanket, cuddly plush toys provide comfort to young children and make great keepsakes to commemorate childhood.
  • Baby's first chair is a great first birthday gift that will get several years of use. One-year-olds may need a few more months to grow into them, but these cozy chairs will soon be a top spot for reading, watching TV or playing games.
  • Plush kids rockers are another special gift item that one-year-olds will love to use. Suitable for most children ages one to five, these rockers are sure to spark their imagination for years to come.

Practical Gifts for Growing Toddlers

Since they're still so young, gifts for 1 year old babies are also gifts for their parents. Baby gift sets from Pottery Barn Kids are filled with practical baby items with kid-friendly patterns and designs to please both parent and child. Clothing and bedding also make thoughtful gifts.

  • Baby bath time sets include a matching hooded towel and washcloth in playful prints and colors. The towel hood is often in the shape of an animal for imaginative play.
  • Feeding sets come with a whimsical animal-themed bowl and matching plate. The plate features two or more compartments for perfect portioning of varied, healthy meals.
  • Cozy patterned pajamas make a fun and useful toddler gift. Since toddlers grow so quickly, consider sizing up so parents are prepared when they outgrow their current pajama sets.
  • A baby blanket is always a nice gift for toddlers as they can be used for many years. Choose from a variety of pattern and color options then personalize it with the child's first name or initials.

For first birthdays or other special occasions, browse the amazing collection of gifts for 1 year old boys and girls at Pottery Barn Kids. With a variety of special toys for 1 year old babies as well as practical gifts available, you're sure to find a perfect present that will get lots of use.