Commemorate Special Occasions with Gifts for Girls

Make the most of special occasions when you choose beautiful gifts for girls that they'll love. Shop the superlative selection of dolls, dollhouses, plush animals, loungewear and lounge furniture, bath time accessories, jewelry boxes and more that will bring smiles to young girls' faces. Learn more about what interests them, inspire them to discover more about themselves and the world or just give them something pretty to encourage a sense of personal style or help them decorate their rooms. At Pottery Barn Kids, you can discover gifts for girls that suit every interest. Start shopping now to ensure birthdays, holidays and special events are as wonderful as can be.

Discover The Best Gift Ideas for Girls

Take the time to explore the best gift ideas for girls available now. While you can always get inspiration from top kids gifts, diving into what kind of gift is best for each girl as an individual lets you maximize the joy.

  • For girls who love cooking, eating different types of gourmet food or going to restaurants, you can start by choosing culinary-focused goods, like plush veggies or an extraordinary play kitchen that features midcentury or other decor styles.
  • Some girls love being surrounded by lots of toys and dolls. Make an impact on their imaginations by choosing a finely-crafted doll that's outfitted for a unicorn-themed slumber party or plush animals that feature critters they've never had before, like elephants, hippos, gators and more.
  • For budding artists and crafty types, play tables and chairs make great gifts for girls. You can select from a variety of colors to match whatever their bedroom decor is at the moment.

Soft and Whimsical Gifts

To go along with dolls, look for plush animals and other soft gifts for girls, like lounge furniture or themed pillows. By creating a cozy mood for them, you help free their imaginations to enjoy daydreams, big plans or just idle time relaxing with a book, movie or game.

Check out the Anywhere Chair® with piping or ruffle details. You can embroider a name on the high, comfortable back to make it extra special and memorable.

Jewelry Boxes and Vanities

As girls start to develop their own sense of style, they need somewhere to store jewelry, accessories, hair bows, scrunchies and more. Set them up with their own vanity table or a jewelry box for a desk or dresser. Timeless gifts made with artisan touches and long-lasting finishes give them something to cherish for a long time.