Mom Jewelry

To be a mom means to work long hours, mandatory overtime, no sick leave and very few moments of praise – but it’s one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. Lots of hugs and unconditional love make everything mom does for her loved ones worthwhile. Show her that her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by gifting her with a special piece of jewelry. Pottery Barn Kids takes into account all the love and devotion mothers pour into their families. A special gift like a personalized necklace is just what you need to show mom how much she’s appreciated. Customize her present based on her own unique style. Tiny footprints and monogram initials makes a wonderful custom Mother’s Day present. Available in a number of gold and silver styles and designs, you’re sure to find something she’ll love.

Gift new moms with a specially made engraved bangle or personalized birthstone charm bracelet. From baby showers to birthdays and, of course, just because – there’s no better time than the present to show mom she’s loved. From rings to charms, there are so many tempting pieces of jewelry to choose from. If it’s too tough to decide which one’s best, get her one of everything. As long as it sparkles and it’s from the heart, it’s safe to say she’s going to love it.

While you’re at it, a new jewelry box also gives her a special place to store her gifts. Rhinestone accents from top designers like Monique Lhuillier and beaded satin heirloom jewelry boxes are just a few designs available. To make the gift even more special, have mom’s jewelry box personalized with her name or a heartfelt message. Keepsake presents like personalized jewelry carry tear-jerking sentimental value for years to come. One day, when the children are older, they too can cherish a small piece of mom. Until then, mom’s biggest fans should be more than happy to receive a piece of kids’ jewelry that looks just like hers. If they’re really lucky, a personalized kids’ jewelry box would be the perfect complement. Judging by how selfless moms are on an everyday basis, receiving her gift will probably inspire her to do something spectacular for her family in return.

Moms always have to be on top of everything. It makes it pretty hard to catch them off guard but, when you do, the impact is flooring. Show your family’s resident superhero that it’s possible to get something past her nose. Tuck your custom jewelry set safely in her new jewelry box. Then, place it all inside of a personalized baby bag. Considering all the self-proclaimed necessities mom usually lugs around for the children, she’s going to love the thoughtfulness behind receiving a custom tote. From brand name bags with designer tags to environmentally-conscious bags made from vegan leather, to some it’s a diaper bag – to mom, it’s a lifesaver. Thrills and excitement will precede the unexpected discovery of her new jewelry.

The element of surprises gets them every time. Knowing that your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed makes moms want to do what they do best – even more. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to show your love and appreciation. Gifts for mom can come in all shapes and sizes. Take out the trash. Do the dishes. You can even update baby’s photo album or display the official footprints and handprints with a keepsake memory box or picture frame. Personalize a Salisbury rattle or baby cup so mom can always hold on to a piece of baby’s childhood. When your child gets older, she can continue the tradition with her own family. There’s no doubt that jewelry is a great gift for mom to wear but these types of gifts are the prized possessions that get tucked away for safe keeping. These things probably won’t reappear until mom fulfills her motherly obligation to embarrass her children before sending them on their first date. Oh, the joys of motherhood are truly endless.

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