Play Kitchens & Vanities

One of the most exciting parts of childhood is being able to use your imagination. Pretend play is a healthy activity that teaches kids social and emotional skills. It gives them the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. It’s also a way they absorb important lessons observed from the world around them. Of course, that’s not why kids do it. They’re crazy about play because it’s fun! And that makes moms and dads very happy too. At Pottery Barn Kids, we want children to be able to express their creativity to the max, to explore and dream. Give your little one’s bedroom or playroom a touch of fashion and tons of emotion with a vanity. Here are some fun ways to use vanities.


For kids, it can be irresistible to sneak into their parents’ room to try on adult clothes. Girls open mom’s jewelry box to slip on a pearl necklace or a bracelet or two. And little boys grab their dad’s watch and might even spray on a little of his cologne. Some inquisitive youngsters even manage to get hold of a dress and a pair of shoes that are way too big but absolutely adorable. Parents treasure those photogenic moments for ages. With their own vanity, children can play around with kid-sized jewelry to their heart’s content.


Why do little boys and girls like to play around with their parents’ clothes and fashion accessories? Basically, because they love you. What youngsters usually want most in the world is to be like their parents. And they’re good at it, from copying the way you walk to certain distinctive facial expressions you use. So when a little girl sits at her vanity and plays around with eye shadow, she’s trying her best to imitate her mommy.


A vanity is a great addition to a princess room. It transports your daughter to a faraway fairytale land where she can wait for her knight in shining armor – or put up her hair and take care of the dragon herself. Gentle curves and a white or pink finish create a dreamy atmosphere ideal for play. For a supremely luxurious feel, add a canopy above her bed.


What kind of accessories can a vanity hold? One main one is a girl’s own jewelry box. There she can keep fashion pieces you give to her and even a special heirloom when she’s ready for it. A vanity with proportions for kids operates the same way as yours; the tabletop has room for hair accessories, nail polish – for youngsters – beauty creams or little perfume bottles. A reflective tray makes them look especially beautiful. There’s also space for children to store a personal diary – even if it’s only filled with drawings, it’s still a tender gift.


Can boys get in on dress up action? Of course they can. All children love to wear costumes and imagine. With a cowboy outfit, your little sheriff can protect the town from bad guys and ride off into the sunset – in his sports car. Or let him pretend to be a superhero who goes to school by day and fights crime by afternoon. A wardrobe rack has room for all of these costumes and more. Whether a doctor, firefighter, policeman – there’s no limit to what kids can become.


Playing dress up increases a child’s language skills, so it’s definitely something to encourage. They create their own adventures, complete with dialogue and action. Another wonderful benefit of wardrobes and vanities is that they let parents share beautiful moments with their kids. So feel free to get in on the action. If your daughter wants to play with makeup and jewelry, perform a switcheroo. Have her do your makeup, while you do hers. And if your son is pretending to be Batman, you play the part of the Joker. Everyone ends up laughing and strengthening bonds of love.


A vanity is also a favorite spot for slumber parties. That way little ones can take turns brushing hair, painting nails or putting on jewelry. One awesome sleepover idea is to organize a fashion show for girls or boys. Let them strut their stuff and have fun.