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Tents and Teepees

What could be better than a play area that includes tents and teepees? At Pottery Barn Kids, we are all about designing safe and exciting kids’ spaces that will help them explore and learn. These structures are suitable for either indoor or outdoor set-up, so you have plenty of options as you plan your child’s play space. Whether you’re setting up a tent in the backyard, in a bedroom or even in the living room for a slumber party, you won’t find a better way to make lasting childhood memories.

It’s all about comfort and coziness as you create a perfect play or sleep spot for your kids. Adding plush and soft kids’ blankets and throws and kids’ throw pillows to a tent or teepee will help your youngsters feel right at home. Add a couple of stuffed toys, and your kids will have all the ingredients for a fun-filled afternoon.

How about adding a few decorative touches to a tent or teepee? Playroom rugs make a delightful foundation for a tent. A floral rug could help you create a colorful garden-like spot. Or, how about a plush sheepskin rug for a cozy snuggle spot inside a teepee? These teepees have all of the Native American charm you might expect, and they are made out of recycled cotton canvas with a strong aluminum frame. Your child can tie back the flaps to keep them open, and the flaps also close snugly. A window on each side allows in ample natural light.

Setting up these tents and teepees promises to be a breeze, thanks to the simple design and included instructions. Even the youngest children will love having a designated play spot for imaginative pretend play. With more than one size available, you can choose the teepee that fits your space and the number of children who will use it. An indoor teepee might just become your child’s favorite reading nook, which can help expand and improve those all-important reading skills.

On a warm summer day, you could also set up a tent or teepee in the backyard for an outdoor adventure. A couple of sleeping bags and nap mats may be all your kids need for an unforgettable camp-out in the fresh air. With adults close by, kids can enjoy the feeling of a little bit of freedom that comes from sleeping outdoors. It’s easy to pack a few essentials such as a change of clothes or an extra blanket in kids’ duffel bags too.

You might consider having a teepee personalized with your child’s name embroidered on it to place a stamp of ownership on it. A teepee with a bright trim could coordinate with other bedroom or playroom decor. When you add coordinated bedding to the teepee, you tie the entire ensemble together beautifully. You could even furnish a teepee or tent with Anywhere Beanbags, which come in a variety of colors and prints to match every personality. A beanbag covered in faux fur could be especially cozy.

Whether you are accessorizing a bedroom or playroom for playing or sleeping, tents and teepees can be the perfect solution. Kids tend to love the adventuresome feeling that goes along with these realistic looking teepees, so they are sure to use them often. Planning a slumber party in a teepee could be an epic event for any youngster and friends. Even if you don’t keep the teepee up all the time, it’s easy enough to put up and take down that your kids can use it frequently. This distinctive oasis could become a favorite spot for hanging out, relaxing and even studying.

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