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Kids & Baby Storage Beds

Adults treasure the freedom that comes with a spacious bedroom. Does the same thing go for kids? Definitely. An open environment gives kids room to be themselves. They can jump around, wave their arms and dance – basically do all the things kids love to do – anytime they feel like it. Plus, since lots of toddlers like to use their bedroom floor as a spontaneous playroom, more space equals a place to exercise their imagination too. At Pottery Barn Kids, we know that stimulating your child’s creativity is important to you. How can you maximize available space in any bedroom, no matter its dimensions? Storage beds are a helpful idea. Our kids and baby storage beds essentially combine bed and dresser into one. Here are a few tips and tricks.

From a practical standpoint, kids and baby storage beds can be a parent’s dream come true. Extra space to keep things is always welcome, and if you can do two things at the same time, it’s even better. A storage bed basically takes the unused space that normally sits underneath a bed and turns it into a spot for three or four extra drawers.

What kind of bedrooms benefit from a storage bed? Well, if your child’s room already has a dresser, but you want some extra space to keep things, a storage bed adds drawers without requiring another dresser. That’s especially helpful if you have more than one child sharing the same bedroom. At other times, maybe you just feel like a dresser would look out of place or not fit. A storage bed gives you the freedom to go dresser-less in room design.

Besides practical reasons, there are also style benefits to storage beds. They’re great for keeping things simple in a bedroom. A straightforward room with a storage bed, a playroom rug and a closet opens up tons of possibilities for kids to play around. They can sprawl out to color pictures, build castles with blocks, design an automotive superhighway with toy sports cars or even have room to host their own tea party with friends. This kind of room layout makes things especially bright, happy and relaxing for kids. It also centers the attention on their bed as the star of the room, with other decorations finishing the story.

Some storage beds also double as trundles. What’s a trundle bed? It’s a second bed that slides out from underneath the main bed. When not in use, a trundle bed looks like a large drawer that extends the length of the bed. Kids love having a trundle bed because it means that they can have friends over to spend the night anytime, and parents love it because it only takes a second to get ready.

What kind of things can you store in storage bed drawers? Anything you want. If you use them for bedding like sheets, shams and extra blankets, it can save you lots of time on laundry day since everything is right there when you change sheets. If you want a spot where kids can have access to their toys – and know where to put them back when they’re done – a storage bed is nice because the drawers are at the right height.

In a nursery, a storage crib can hold crib sheets, plush blankets for gently rocking your baby to sleep, diapers, extra changes of clothes, teething toys and anything else you can think of. The idea is to keep things close so finding them only takes a moment.

How much room do you need to leave on each side of a storage bed? That depends on the depth of the drawers and where you want to position the bed. Some storage beds have longer drawers on only one side, while others arrange four drawers in pairs on each side of the bed. Choose the one that fits your child’s bedroom layout the best. Many interior designers recommend leaving between 22"-24" for walking space around a bed, and 28"-30" in front of drawers or closets. That way they’re easy to open.

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