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Kids’ and Baby Soft Seating

Kids love to play. The best part of that is that it’s actually good for them too. Playing keeps children healthy physically and also stimulates mental and emotional development, where it’s a case of the more, the merrier. Lots of activities encourage them to express themselves creatively, explore the world around them and ask questions. Playtime possibilities come in many different forms, from indoor puzzles to water balloons and waterslides on a warm summer day. At Pottery Barn Kids, we know you love to inspire your children and create spaces where they can have fun with anything their growing imagination invents. Our Kids’ and Baby Soft Seating keep children comfortable for sit-down activities.

If your little princess wants to organize an elegant meal with her most trusted advisors – whether imaginary, stuffed or otherwise – setting the table with soft seating makes sure everyone is comfortable and enhances the ambience of royalty too. Canopies, sheer curtains, mirrors and immaculate bedding all add to the backdrop, turning a girl’s bedroom into a luxurious palace.

Supersoft seating is ideal for toddlers too since it makes their first experiences with sitting down pleasant. It doesn’t matter if they roll off or don’t quite get things down perfectly as there are no hard surfaces or edges about which to worry. They can have all the fun they want and be comfortable while doing it. Parents have a big grin as they listen to toddlers giggling in delight while playing around.

One of the most beautiful things about comfy seating for your kids is that it draws them closer to you. When they can go where you go and be a part of conversations and happy moments together, it strengthens the emotion bond your children have with you. They feel relaxed and comfortable around you and look forward to moments like story time or family game night. When you feel like watching a movie, kids love to sprawl out in their plush chair and munch on popcorn or snacks. Feel free to give them as many hugs as you want or even grab a couple of sleeping bags to make things adventurous.

As your kids grow, they start to get ready for preschool and school. How can soft seating help during study sessions? Many professionals encourage parents to create a laid-back environment for children when learning. Anything you can do to make your kids feel happy and comfortable as they study creates a positive association with the experience in their mind while they enjoy learning. That’s why things like snacks and juice are a terrific idea too. A plush chair gives kids freedom to move around, stretch and lean back as they practice reading or watch educational programs. That tells them that it’s OK to be creative and use their imagination.

There are many places in the home where having a comfy chair is ideal for kids. Since they’re so lightweight, it’s not hard for kids to drag their favorite seating along with them as they head to a new spot. You can also decide to decorate with a bunch of chairs in different places, like their playroom, bedroom or in the living room. In fact, soft chairs are even a superb way for kids to relax outdoors.

Another way to make things really fun is with bright colors like pink, navy, aqua and lavender. Some tones are delicate and soothing, and others feel like party time with a piñata. Either way, they create a very personal touch on decor for your kids, especially if you use their favorite colors. Blue or navy in a coastal-themed bedroom goes well with surf artwork and beach towels draped over walls or furniture. If you want some chic instead, soft chairs with polka dots or faux fur match fashionable accents like jewelry boxes and pendant lights.

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