Play Tables & Chairs

Set up an activity corner in the playroom or add a kids’ table to the dining room. Our play tables and chairs collection offers pieces in plenty of colors, shapes and styles. You can also find furniture featuring popular characters and a variety of accessories to double the playtime fun.

When choosing a play table and chair set, height is important. Your child should be able to comfortably sit without crouching or stretching to reach the table top, and little feet should touch the floor. At Pottery Barn Kids, we carry a variety of sizes, giving you plenty of options. You can also opt for a kids' table with adjustable legs that lets the table height grow with your little ones. Accessories such as cushions can help add a little bit of extra height to chairs and boost the comfort factor.

Style is another thing that should play a role in your choice. If your kids are younger, you may want to choose a table and chair set that suits your own decor tastes. If they are older, let them join in the shopping fun and ask for their ideas about style and colors. If you are purchasing a table for a playroom or bedroom, you have a bit more freedom in your choice, as these spaces work well with eclectic decor. However, if you are choosing a play table and chair set for a common area of your home such as a kitchen or family room, you should use your existing furniture as a guide if uniformity is important to you. You can opt for colors that match upholstery or family kitchen furniture, or use contrasting colors to your advantage. Choose styles that complement your other pieces. For example, if your kitchen chairs feature a farmhouse look, you may want to opt for a similar play chair style.

Finally, spaces and function can help you decide which play table is best. If you want to set up a kids’ dining area, a longer rectangular table offers plenty of space for extra chairs when friends come over to dinner. Round tables work well in bedroom play areas and smaller spaces, as they are easy to tuck into corners. If your kids love to do arts and crafts, look out for a table with built-in storage, as drawers offer lots of places to stow art supplies and other activities.

Play tables and chairs are practical pieces, but they also offer plenty of decorating possibilities. Mix and match different textiles with your set to create a cozy look that offers both comfort and fun. Use decorative pillows to cushion hard backs, and drape throws across the backs to offer some warmth on chilly days. Hang a canopy over the table to bring the fun of a play tent to the table area. If you want to set up an area for reading and homework, be sure to add lots of lighting. Place the table under a pendant light, or keep floor lamps nearby.

Play areas usually get a lot of traffic, but you can keep play tables and chairs in great condition with a bit of extra care. Clean wood tables and chairs regularly with soft, damp cloths and avoid abrasive cleaners. Use a play table mat to protect the tabletop and preserve its original finish. Adding one of these to a table makes cleaning quick and easy, as you can simply wipe away marks and spills with a damp cloth. A transparent mat is also a handy personalization accessory, as you can showcase your children’s artwork underneath the surface. If your kids have a strong artistic streak, a paper roll can be an excellent accessory. Simply roll the paper over the table surface and keep doodles and other artistic creations off the tabletop.