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Play Tables and Chairs

Set up a cozy corner for your kids to play or add a special spot for them in the dining room with our play tables and chairs. At Pottery Barn Kids, we know that having options makes designing your home easier so you can focus on enjoying it with your family. That’s why we feature a wide range of tables and chairs designed especially for kids so they can create arts and crafts and play comfortably. When choosing playroom furniture, it’s important to keep in mind the proper fit. Your children should be able to sit with their feet flat on the floor and reach the tabletop without crouching or stretching. Our tables are available in a range of sizes or with adjustable legs so you can ensure the proper fit as they grow.

When creating a play space for your children, their age and activities will be the deciding factors for what type of seating you need. Add a touch of plush comfort with bean bags that are perfect for cuddling up with a book. Opt for sturdy wooden chairs to create a desk-type space where older children can use their workbooks and finish homework assignments. You can even make them feel extra special by adding a monogram that features their name in scrawling scripts or bold letters.

Our Anywhere Chair® is ideal for little ones that love picking out their own furniture. Featuring an ultra-soft feel and shaped just like their own personal couch, these seating arrangements are designed to make your children feel extra special. Younger children will love the look of their favorite animals printed right on the chair while kids of all ages will adore the funky style of the faux fur chair. With an easy carry handle, these lightweight chairs let your kids move around the playroom or house in comfort.

Playrooms see plenty of traffic so it’s a good idea to add playroom rugs beneath play tables and chairs. These rugs protect your hardwood floors from scratches as your children move furniture around. They also add an extra space for your children to play with their favorite toys and the thick design is comfortable enough to sit on for hours. Our play rugs take learning to the next level with landscapes featuring roads, parks and even construction sites where children can act out imaginary scenarios. Protect the surface of your play tables with play mats that preserve the original finish and limit scratches.

Pair your play tables and chairs with toy boxes to keep the room neat and organized. Our toy chests feature an open slot at the top where children can easily grab and pull out their gear without pinching their fingers. Woven chests add texture to the room and optional scalloped inserts add a dreamy design that is ideal for younger children. Monogram your children’s toy chests so they can easily clean up after a big game and always know where to find their favorite stuffed animals and toy cars.

For older children, complete their study space by adding bookcases to complement their play tables and chairs. Choose a bookcase in the same finish or color as their table to create a cohesive look throughout the room. Bookcases offer storage space for your children’s favorite bedtime stories, and you can select one quickly before cozying up on the bean bag or lounge chair to read it together. If you are short on space, you can also use a bookcase as a toy storage unit. Just add bins and baskets in your preferred fabrics and keep toys organized and separate from reading materials. Our bookcases are designed to grow with your children and can be used to hold decor items as they get older and develop their own decorating style.