Kids’ Outdoor Furniture

Set your backyard up for outdoor fun with our incredible selection of outdoor furniture. Have a picnic with the entire family on a picnic table, or stage the greatest tea party ever known with tiny tables just the right size for tots. From princess parties to beach-themed birthdays, Pottery Barn Kids makes it easy for little ones to spend more time at play in the great outdoors. Each durable piece is made to withstand both the weather and rambunctious play, so you can trust it to hold up to even the most imaginative games and scenarios. Shop now and make your backyard an exciting oasis that kids look forward to visiting each and every day.

Upgrade from lying on towels at the beach to relaxing in comfort with our kids’ beach chairs. With a protective umbrella to guard sensitive skin from the sun, little ones can take a break from running, playing and swimming in comfort. Best of all, some styles come with an attachable side table, keeping food and drinks out of the sand and ready when it’s time to refuel. Live near the beach? Choose an Adirondack chair instead. These roomy wooden chairs provide plenty of room for kids to curl up in the sunshine, and they work well when placed beside a pool too.

Children learn about the world around them and their role within it via play, so sensory toys are especially important during the early years. Let your child explore his or her inner archeologist with a brand new sandbox. Simply set up the box according to the directions provided in each kit and add sand, and you’re ready to dream up the most exciting and creative scenarios. Add a few toy trucks and a handful of your little one’s favorite durable statuettes and action figures, and suddenly he or she has an entire world to play with. Especially suitable for preschoolers, sandboxes encourage little ones to develop and use everything from hand muscles to social and sharing skills when other kids play too.

Encourage more outdoor play with a playhouse, treehouse or kids’ kitchen. Robust enough to withstand the weather, most are made from durable materials and can be left outside as long as the weather is warm. For small yards, a one-story playhouse will suffice, providing a focal point for play without taking up too much space. If you have a larger backyard, select your favorite from options such as elaborate two-story playhouses with multiple rooms to all-in-one kits that hold both a playhouse and a jungle gym or swing set. Scattering more than one around the backyard may be more suitable for multichild families and will provide little ones with multiple stations, keeping everyday play interesting and exciting. As kids flex their creative reflexes while playing with toys inside and out, they’ll develop important muscle groups by climbing, running and jumping on or in the playhouse, getting the exercise they need while practicing real-life skills that they’ll carry with them all throughout life.

Summer and warm weather call for more time spent outdoors, so why not make that time cozier? Set kids up for reading, family bonfires and relaxation by setting out a few chairs and loungers dotted with outdoor-friendly pillows. When it’s time for stories, they can curl up in the chair and either read to mom and dad or have stories read to them. Have a budding astronomer in your home? A telescope with a collection of chairs surrounding it provides the perfect base for exploring the stars right from the backyard. Just want to encourage little ones to get more exercise? Keep a plastic or wicker toy bin near the doorstep for quick and easy storage. Fill it with everything from inflatable balls to toys and make post-play cleanup a breeze.