Desks and Chairs

Encourage your children to enjoy their studies and put a desk and chair of their very own in their bedroom. This gives them a private space to complete their homework or be creative with the latest school project instead of working at the kitchen or dining room table. Our desks and chairs at Pottery Barn Kids are specifically designed with children in mind so that the height makes it comfortable for them to sit and work without straining themselves as they would using a normal size desk and chair.

Consider the size of the bedroom before searching for a desk. A large desk with a broad surface area is ideal for a spacious room. The more surface space there is, the more it can accommodate so think what additional items your children need on the desk aside from school books, such as a computer or a spotlight. A couple of drawers under the table top are ideal for storing pens, paper, books and other stationery items to keep the desk clutter-free and everything close at hand. On the other hand, where space is at a premium, a low-profile mini desk fits nicely into small spaces. A single drawer underneath the tabletop is sufficient for keeping pens, rulers and notepads together. Consider adding a low, matching hutch with a pull-out drawer either side and two shelves in the middle. Books stack neatly on the shelves, and the drawers provide extra storage space for bigger items. A lamp, clock and pen holder look at home placed on top of the hutch and don’t take up any of the surface space, giving your children more freedom to work.

Where extra storage space is needed in the bedroom, make use of the desk area with integrated shelves and drawers. A small drawer directly where a child sits is ideal for keeping the most frequently used items in one place while bigger drawers underneath one side or both sides of the desk allow for books, craft materials and folders to be neatly stored away. Modular desk designs mean you can pick and choose the pieces you want to create your own desk composition for your children’s bedroom, such as extra cubby space. A corner design desk makes better use of the room so that your children benefit from increased workspace without taking up too much floor or wall space.

Where a desk is placed under a framed picture or another form of wall decor, a low hutch provides additional storage without detracting from the wall space above it. Make the most of a large available area of wall space and add a tall hutch to the top of the desk. This provides a combination of cubby holes, drawers and shelves to the sides or at the top. A key factor about a tall hutch is that the space in the middle is used as a display area. Hang a bulletin board in the middle and make sure it has a fun design for an enticing look or a color to match the bedroom decor. The storage spaces frame this central display for a finished look to the study area. As a completely different idea, a vanity top places an oval mirror between two drawers in a classic, pretty design.

A simple design means you can mix and match the desk easily with other furniture. Straight edges and chunky frames go well in bedrooms with a contemporary feel while curved molding and lathe-turned legs suit more traditional decor styles. consider tying the color of the desk in with the general theme. Place a contrasting rug underneath it to provide extra comfort underfoot.

Pair the desk with a suitable chair. Desk chairs designed for kids are adjustable so that they can sit down easily without having to climb up and can touch the ground with their feet when sitting. As they grow, just adjust the height of the chair. A swivel base set on casters allows for freedom of movement. Choose a style of desk chair to match the surroundings, whether it’s one with round edges and soft upholstery, sloping arms with a tufted back or a hardwood stationary chair with straight edges. Add a decorative cushion for extra comfort and a splash of color before your children settle down to do their homework.

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