Cribs and Bassinets

The crib or bassinet that you provide for your child to drift off to dreamland has benefits that can last a whole lifetime. From a sturdy mattress that promotes good posture to the sense of security your child receives at the early stages of life, your baby’s first bed can make a lasting impression. At Pottery Barn Kids, we have everything you need to create the right crib or bassinet to cuddle your baby to sleep.

Selecting the crib or bassinet mattress for your child’s bed is key to ensuring that all benefits are received. Mattresses should be firm enough to support the weight of your child yet soft enough to maintain a consistent level of comfort throughout your child’s sleep experience. Mattresses do come with weight limitations and safety standards data to aid in making the right choices. Mattresses must fit snugly around the sides of the bed preventing your baby from becoming wedged when rolling. And, the mattress should never bunch up on the sides causing an uneven sleeping surface. Proper crib and bassinet mattresses work wonders for offering proper body alignment for a happier and healthier life as your child grows and develops.

Dressing the crib or bassinet in fine linens creates a warm, welcoming look and feel to a child’s nursery. Crib and bassinet bedding is available in colors and designs to complement any theme you are creating within the room. Choosing bedding sets with bright, bold splashes of color works well when a peppy room design is desired. Sheets and comforter sets for the crib or bassinet that feature gold or flashy detailing lay the ideal foundation for a polished nursery theme. Keeping plenty of universal crib and bassinet sheets on hand ensures that any special nursery design is not lost between bedding changes. Universal crib and bassinet sheeting works well for both girl or boy bedroom settings and makes ideal gift ideas for baby showers.

Decorating the crib or bassinet with nursery mobiles creates a fun and nurturing atmosphere for your baby. Mobiles consist of assorted colors, shapes and textures that stimulate the child’s mind and provide a calming effect that lulls your child to sleep. Attaching musical plush toys along the side of the crib introduces your baby to the world of music in a soothing way. These toys feature characters that your child welcomes and gives the baby the security of never feeling along.

Combating the need for extra storage in your baby’s nursery arrives in the form of crib storage containers and hanging canvas storage compartments. Crib storage allows you to have all baby care essentials within reach. The pockets on crib storage containers are deep enough to hold extra diapers, security blankets and even a favorite toy that your child wants at a moment’s notice. Keeping the baby care essentials close at hand prevents the need for searching and seeking these items around the home.

When your baby begins to crawl in and out of the crib, it is time to transfer to a safer bed. Getting the most use out of your child’s crib is possible when choosing a convertible crib for the nursery. Convertible cribs transform into toddler beds and full-size beds when the time arrives. A toddler bed works in the same manner. Toddler bed kits ensure your child can easily get in and out of bed. The side rails on toddler beds offer added security for your child while giving you peace of mind knowing your child doesn’t roll out of bed during the night or while taking naps. Most toddler bed conversion kits can be installed quickly for easy bed transformations.

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