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Create a Gorgeous Nursery with Cribs from Pottery Barn Kids

The crib you choose for your child plays a big role in your nursery decor right from the start. With our selection of crib styles, you can focus on finding the look you like and getting the features you want since all of our options are safe and ready for use right away. Keep reading to learn more about our range of baby cribs at Pottery Barn Kids today. It's easy to find the style you want and a feature-packed model that'll give you everything you want and need in a crib.

What Crib Styles Can I Find?

Available in a ton of different looks ranging from modern designs to mid-century styles, our selection of cribs fit in with your vision of the perfect nursery. Here are a few go-to styles you can shop for at Pottery Barn Kids right now:

  • Classic crib styles. Looking for a durable, stylish crib that's perfect for your young child? Our classic crib styles come in a range of colors and decorative looks that will match your home with ease. Many classic crib styles also have conversion kits available for purchase that allow you to convert your crib to a toddler bed down the road.
  • Convertible cribs. Designed to make the most of your space, our assortment of convertible crib styles come in 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 options. Offering a standard crib, daybed and a toddler bed if you go for a 4-in-1 option, convertible styles allow you to future-proof your nursery and child's bedroom.
  • Crib styles with built-in storage. Offering under-crib storage that's perfect for bedding or essentials like diapers, crib styles with built-in storage are an ideal option for tight spaces or rooms that lack cabinets and drawers.
  • Crib and mattress sets. Get everything you need in one go with crib and mattress sets. Modern, mid-century and classic styles give you lots of options to find the look you love.
  • Folding cribs. Ideal if you need a crib that's easy to transport, our folding crib frames can be packed and set up again in minutes. Some models come with conversion kits or have separate conversion kits for sale so you can convert your crib into a toddler bed later.
  • Mini crib styles. Great for tight spaces and young kids, our mini crib styles are collapsible for easy transport. Rolling casters also allow you to transfer your mini crib from room to room as well.

Style your nursery your way with an assortment of stylish crib options from Pottery Barn Kids. Make sure you check out our range of carriers, play mats, changing tables and all of the other essentials you need as well.