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Kids and Baby Beds & Mattresses

A child’s bed quickly becomes much more than just a place to sleep. Kids tend to form an emotional bond with their bed and favorite sheets and blankets. They feel safe and secure in their room, free to daydream and play anytime they way. It’s not surprising that they love their bed so much; after all, it’s like a faithful friend that’s with them every day for years. From the moment they’re born, babies get used to the decor and style you choose for the room. At Pottery Barn Kids, we know you want your kids to be happy day and night. How can you pick out kids and baby beds and mattresses that get them excited and continue to encourage them as they grow? Here are a few tips and ideas.

When choosing a crib, you’re probably focused on safety first. That’s important since babies depend completely on you to keep them safe and sound while sleeping during the first 12 months of life. We think the same way you do, and design our cribs so that mattresses slide snugly inside, keeping the fitted sheet taut. The American Association for Pediatrics recommends having babies sleep without blankets during the first year, to make sure they can breathe comfortably during the night. How can you keep them warm without blankets? One option is to control the room temperature with a thermostat. Wearable blankets are another possibility. They’re kind of like sleeping bags for babies with openings for your newborn’s arms and head to move around freely.

Every type of bed, from cribs to storage beds, has a practical side. But that doesn’t have to be the only thing you look at. You can also follow your style instincts to give the bedroom an ambience that reflects their personality and your hopes and dreams for them. A bedroom can be elegant, laidback and relaxed, adventurous, artistic, fashionable or delicate, just to name a few possibilities. The bed plays a big part in how the room feels. Deep wood tones, for example, create a warm environment with a focus on friendship and family. The rest of the decor in the bedroom – art, light fixtures and other furniture – usually complements this same overall theme.

What are toddler beds? As the name suggests, they’re beds that are specifically designed for the world of toddlers. Toddlers are just starting to walk, and they look at their newfound independence with mixed feelings. On the one hand, they’re happy to be able to slide out of bed and explore. At the same time, they can be a little shy about leaving the nest, so to speak. Toddler beds are narrower than twin beds, which creates a cozy atmosphere of security. They also sit closer to the ground, so kids have extra confidence to get in and out of bed by themselves. Another signature characteristic are guard rails that prevent your children from falling out of bed for their first few months without a crib. Bottom line: Toddler beds are all about making your child’s transition from baby to toddler comfortable.

Some parents prefer to jump directly from crib to twin bed. What are the advantages of a twin bed? In reality, the choice of toddler bed versus twin bed comes down to your personal preferences and the way your children are handling growing up. Twin beds are wider, which means more space. Some kids love that idea, and others prefer closer quarters for a while. One way to make things easier is to let them hold on to their crib blanket and favorite toy at night, at least until they adjust. Bedroom space issues might also affect your decision. A big benefit of twin beds is it lets you hop into bed with your little girl or boy from time to time to read them a story or snuggle. Kids treasure spending time in your arms.

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