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Kids' Storage Furniture to Keep Spaces Neat and Tidy

Keeping children's playrooms and bedrooms neat is a big job - unless you have the right kids' storage furniture. Storage options for kids include individual shelves, cubbies and drawers, or combination pieces that feature all the space you need.

Shelves as Kids' Storage Furniture

Sturdy, reliable shelves and kid-friendly bookcases are must-haves in any child's room. Many shelves are compatible with pull-out storage bins, which you can use to stash away toys, books and other essentials. Bookracks are similar to shelves, but they don't provide space for toys - they're designed to display the covers of books, so they're a great choice for beginning readers who identify books by characters rather than titles.

Storage Bins for Kids

Bin storage is perfect for kids who need plenty of space to tuck away toys. Cubbies and built-in bins help keep spaces organized and because they're available in a wide range of sizes, they can house everything from sports equipment to building blocks.

Kids' Cabinet Storage

Cabinet storage for kids is perfect when you need to stow away multiple types of gear. Most kids' cabinets feature adjustable shelves inside and some feature racks for hanging - and that makes them perfect pieces to grow with your child.

Bins and Shelves

Combination kids' storage units that include bins and shelves are the ideal solution for children who have big toys, board games and other gear (including sports gear) that need homes. Everything but books can tuck neatly into the bins and books all have a place on the shelves; that makes cleanup a snap. Some bin-and-shelf combos are adjustable so you can choose where each type of storage belongs based on what's easiest for your child.

Drawers and Shelves

Bookshelves equipped with drawers are great for rooms that are a little short on space. They can also serve as expansions for your child's dresser, places to stash portable bins that create a unique look or combine books, toys and clothing into one convenient unit.

Complete Wall Storage Systems

Complete wall storage systems that include shelves, cabinets and drawers are the ultimate solution when you need to make cleanup and organization easy. Choose a media system with space for a television in the center, a storage system that features drawers on the bottom for large items or a complete cabinet set with ample shelf space.

What to Look for in Kids' Storage Furniture

Other than choosing a style, finish or color that matches your child's space, here's what to look for in kids' storage furniture:

  • Solid oak, rubber wood or medium-density fiberboard construction that's made to last
  • Kiln-dried wood for extra durability
  • Included anti-tip kit to keep your children safe
  • Drawers with waxed wooden glides for smooth motion
  • Half-moon safety stops to keep drawers securely in place
  • Fixed and adjustable shelves so you can customize your child's storage

Picking the right kids' storage furniture is easy if you know what you're looking for - and having one or more of these pieces handy will make cleaning up so much easier.

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