Kendall Furniture Collections

Our Kendall Furniture Collections has everything you need to furnish your kid’s room. Each piece is carefully constructed with expert craftsmanship to be strong and durable, yet also designed with classic details to never go out of style.

Bunk beds are a great choice to conserve space in the room. Choose from a twin bed over a twin or twin over a full sized bed. The bunk beds meet the highest safety standards, although the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the top bunk not be used by children under 6 years old. Two guardrails are at the top, and a ladder makes climbing up easy. The beds are versatile and can be converted to two beds without bunking them. Finials are included for this purpose. At Pottery Barn Kids, we have a large selection of tufted quilts and comforters to fit the beds. Lofty, puffy and percale woven comforters are ideal for bunk beds because they are simple to make up the bed. Just throw the covers back up over the pillow and you won’t see any wrinkles or bumps in the sheets. Add coordinating shams for a finishing touch.

Place a nightstand by the bed with a reading lamp on top. Lamps are practical and functional, but can actually be a decorative accessory in the room. Those with designs on the base, such as an animal, a fire truck or nautical rope, give character to the lamp. Not only does the nightstand support the table lamp, but it has a drawer and a shelf for some handy storage.

A dresser is essential for storing folded clothes and any overflow from the closet. A dresser with large knobs helps little hands with opening and closing. An anti-tip kit is included for safety. You can also find a dresser options with a topper, which doubles as a changing table. Felt material underneath protects the surface of the dresser. Once the topper is no longer needed, it can be removed. An extra wide dresser with or without a topper set is also a great choice for more storage. Hang a mirror over the dresser for convenience when your child is getting ready in the mornings. There are lots of decorative choices from those shaped like stars, bunnies or flowers to mirrors with a pirate painted in the middle or one designed with braided nautical rope. Consider adding a full-length mirror to the closet door where your son or daughter can make sure they look their best.

If you put a hamper in the closet for dirty clothes, it will keep the room looking neat. Some come with removable liners to wash when needed. The liners can be monogrammed too.

You might want to add a desk and hutch to the room to encourage studying and reading or just coloring and scribbling. Three drawers in the desk and four cubbies in the hutch give some extra storage space. The cubbies are a good place to showcase trophies or sentimental items. A corkboard panel on the back of the hutch is ideal for keeping notes and reminders. Desks are never outgrown. This is a piece of furniture that might very well stay with your child throughout their childhood and beyond. Desk chairs come in wacky, fanciful styles like furry, colorful fabric or cheerful flower petal shaped backs. Rounded backs with square seats create a contemporary vibe, and classic straight back chairs bring a more traditional look.

Last but not least, plug in a nightlight for added safety. It puts off enough light, but not so much as to disrupt sleep. Pick from assorted designs like glittery hearts, ceramic moons or crystal butterflies. Nightlights are anything but boring and are great to have throughout the house.