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Easter Treat Bags & Buckets

Easter just might be near the opt of the list of cutest holidays for kids. From egg hunts to cuddles with stuffed bunnies, this springtime celebration is tailor-made for all things adorable. Pottery Barn Kids puffy Easter baskets and treat buckets are the perfect accessory for this particularly precious holiday, giving parents the means to lavish their little ones with gifts and treats. If you want to give your kid something a little different from the traditional woven basket this Easter, these decorative bags and buckets may be just right for your treat-toting needs.

Made from durable materials such as canvas and felt, our Easter buckets are fantastic accessories for egg hunts and gift giving alike. Some of them are even machine washable, which means you can incorporate these adorable items into your child’s daily life as a fun reminder of the joys of spring. Whether you use them as storage or decor, you and your children will enjoy their enchanting designs and generous proportions. Our buckets embrace traditional Easter motifs and colors, focusing on pastels, bunnies and bright colors. Because they’re so soft and easy to carry, these buckets may be the ideal choice for younger children who are still finding their feet.

Our puffy Easter baskets have their own soft, cuddly appeal thanks to their stuffed-animal exterior decor. Available in a variety of colors, these plush baskets have adorable animal shapes that just might become a toddler’s favorite friend to. You can make your child’s puffy Easter basket or soft gift bucket even more special by choosing to take advantage of our personalization services. Have each child’s name embroidered on the bucket or basket to enhance that special feeling that comes with holidays like this one. You can further customize your kid’s Easter basket or bucket by choosing from our generous selection of colors, shapes and themes.

The Easter accessories in this category provide fantastic options for parents to consider when shopping for multiple kids. You’ll find something suited to each kid on your list. Our puffy Easter baskets and soft fabric buckets come with a variety of embellishment options ranging from simple embroidery to felt appliques and ruffly tulle. Feathers, textured fabrics and color variety make this product category a particularly fun one to shop as you peruse your options and consider which specific container best suits the kids on your list.

These buckets and puffy Easter baskets make fantastic decorative additions to any arrangement. Whether you’re planning a party, posing your kids for pictures or simply making the house festive for the season, you can incorporate any of these Easter treat containers into your decor. They’ll look fantastic as a kids’ party centerpiece or as part of a photo shoot with the kids in their Easter finery. Your child will adore the way they look for their own purposes too, and they’ll get that special sense of satisfaction in knowing that this special little bag and all of its contents are all theirs.

Compare our buckets and puffy Easter baskets to our selections in the Baskets and Liners section within our Easter shop. You can consider all of your options before you make your final choice, but something special may just catch your eye as the perfect Easter treat for your little one. No matter which style you choose, you’ll have plenty of room to stuff your bucket or basket with delicious Easter candy and fun springtime toys. We offer a variety of different Easter basket gifts that are perfect for helping to make the holiday a special experience for your kids.

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