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Add Soft Illumination With Kids Night Lights

Create a restful space for your child by adding kids night lights from Pottery Barn Kids to your home. These night lights easily plug into your wall to deliver instant illumination to your space. Perfect for the child who doesn't like a dark room, these night lights add comfort when the overhead lights go out. Plus, these baby night lights come in a variety of styles that kids love.

Kid-Friendly Designs

The right night light can be like a security blanket for your child. Kids night lights in this Pottery Barn Kids collection come in a variety of styles, allowing you to find one featuring a character or animal that your child will adore. You can find butterflies, unicorns and giraffes, along with a moon, a truck or the Eiffel tower. Add seasonal flair to your child's room with a Santa-shaped night light. Or, let your Star Wars lover add a favorite character to the bedroom with a movie-inspired night light featuring characters like Darth Vader, BB-8 or R2-D2.


Kids night lights boast an array of user-friendly features that make them both effective and long-lasting. Some of these night lights feature durable ceramic construction. Others combine paper, plastic and iron to create a night light that lasts. Sturdy metal night lights are available in this collection as well.

In addition to their durable constructions, these night lights are also easy to operate. They all plug into your wall using a polarized plug and operate using a simple on/off switch. Older children will easily be able to operate these night lights on their own. Some night lights include LED bulbs, while others use other bulbs like type C. When shopping for your night light, be sure to check whether the bulb is included.

Layered lighting in your child's bedroom ensures that you have the right illumination for any time of day. Much like table lamps can add soft illumination to your room, so too can baby night lights. These lights add a soft glow when the other lights go out. In addition to adding a layer of security for your child, these lights also offer just enough illumination to see if your child wakes up at night and needs mom or dad. So, find kids night lights in a shape and style that your child will love to make the bedroom a more secure space.

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