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Decorating Bedrooms With Kids Shelves

When you're looking for an easy way to boost the decor in your child's bedroom, arranging their favorite toys and mementos can help them feel like their room is a personalized space for fun. Hang kids shelves throughout the room to help keep the floor clear, create new visual interest and experiment with exciting new children's decor looks. You can keep it colorful or focus more on what you actually put on the shelves. In a matter of hours, you can have a whole new look installed in your child's bedroom or nursery.

All Kinds of Decorative Shelves

Discover the incredible array of decorative shelves available for your children's bedrooms. These shelves range from spunky and silly to sweetly precocious and designed to mirror your aesthetic in the rest of your home.

  • For a cottage-inspired look, choose white shelving with crown molding-style details. Floating looks help modernize the style.
  • To keep it modern, choose clear acrylic shelves that hold book or magazines or printed artwork on its own or in matte frames. Another modern style is a round frame with dividers that serve as kids shelves.
  • Have fun with bold hues and playful motifs, like pink or blue puppies or rainbow shelving that you stack in the full spectrum or a couple of your kids' favorite colors.
  • Be sure to pick a selection of styles, including picture rail, toy display, bookshelves and more.

Choosing Wall-Mounted Bookracks

While kids love having their own bookcases or cubbies, you can create a more streamlined look in their bedroom or nursery by hanging a wall-mounted bookrack.

  • Bookracks are shelves with an additional lip at the edge of the shelf to keep books from sliding onto the floor.
  • The other popular style of bookrack consists of bars or spindles that run horizontally to create a lattice-like cage to hold books or magazines in place.
  • Bookracks are great for kids who love to look at the covers while choosing what to read. They give you that little bit of extra floor space and can reserve cubbies for baskets of toys that don't fit on shelves.

Adding Pinboards to Kid Rooms

Keep decorating your kids walls with pinboards. These are similar to the boards you might use for inspiration, but without sharp edges from nails or pins. These no-nail pinboards let you hang notes, ribbons, mantras or jewelry. Older kids especially love them.

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