4 Kids Growth Chart Ideas

Every parent knows that kids grow up to fast. Close your eyes for a minute and it can feel like they've grown three-inches practically overnight. For most parents, tracking these milestones is a must.

With a kid's growth chart, you have a fun way to keep an eye on your child's height while adding a unique decoration to your home. Use this guide from Pottery Barn Kids to learn more about growth charts and how to pick the right one for your family.

What is a Growth Chart?

Growth charts are an old concept and if you're like a lot of people today, your parents had one when you were growing up. Often as simple as a chalk mark on the wall, a growth chart is a basic way to keep track of your child's height over time.

Many families use growth charts to track more than one child's height over time. You can either use the same growth chart with different markers, or you can use separate ones for each child.

1. Track Your Child's Progress

Having a growth chart in your home is a tradition that parents have been enjoying for years. For many, it's a fun activity that can be done regularly. Some kids will even want to check their height once a week just to see if they've gotten taller when they hit growth spurts.

A growth chart also allows you to compare the height of your child against the average for children their age. An accurate, up-to-date height measurement also lets you monitor your child's height versus their weight so they can remain active and healthy.

Once you have a growth chart handy, you'll be able to easily provide information about your child to your pediatrician as well as ordering school uniforms with ease.

2. Make Growth Charts Part of Your Interior Design

Growth charts of old were often markings on a wall or piece of wood that was known to be a certain height for reference purposes. Today, you can find ready-made growth charts that are a lot more design- friendly. They can even be a fun part of your furnishings if you're aiming to create a kid-friendly room or home.

Many people choose to hang growth charts in parts of the house where people gather, like the kitchen or on a breakfast nook wall. If you have a family room where you watch TV or do things like play board games, you can also hang your growth chart there. Even a mudroom or entry area can be home to a stylish growth chart.

Another option you have is to hang your growth chart in your child's space as part of their room design.

3. Shop for the Right Style

Growth charts have come a long way since the old wooden plank versions that many adults are familiar with. Now, you can buy growth charts that fit your design and color scheme for both boys and girls.

Common growth chart styles include animal themed charts, many of which are shaped to look like butterflies, birds or other animals. Versions that feature sports-related activities and even things that a lot of kids are interested in like airplanes are also available. Whatever your child likes, you can find a growth chart that will suit their style and your home.

Multiple color options also make it easy to match a basic growth chart to a shared space like your kitchen or family room.

4. Personalize Your Growth Chart!

Choosing a theme that's fun for your child can make using your growth chart a lot more exciting for the whole family. In their room, going for a fun option that features a favorite animal or hobby is ideal. For family spaces, opt for something more subdued and traditional that matches your interior design.

No matter what type of growth chart you pick though, you have the option of customizing yours with your child's name. This can make your growth chart feel really special to both you and your children. If you have more than one child, it will also help to separate the charts if they're going to be hung in the same area.

Names are always a smart choice when personalizing a growth chart. If your child has a nickname they like, you can go with that as well.

Having a growth chart for every child in your home helps you keep track of their height so you can ensure they're healthy as they get older. Using a growth chart can also be a whole lot of fun if you make it part of a family tradition.

Shop for yours today so you can document your child's height every single month with ease.