7 Creative Ways to Decorate with Picture Frames

Picture frames aren't just for displaying photos. With a little creativity, you can turn any frame into a fun decorative accent for your child's nursery or playroom. To get your imagination started, we at Pottery Barn Kids have compiled our top seven ideas for decorating with picture frames.

1. Gallery Wall

Use different-sized picture frames to create a gallery wall in your child's room or baby nursery. The key to creating a visually-interesting gallery wall is to mix-and-match the media. You could, for example, place framed illustrations alongside family photographs, paintings and framed family handprints. When arranging your gallery wall, select a focal frame, then use smaller frames in different sizes around it. Play around with the arrangement to figure out the best way to showcase your artwork. Switching up the orientations of the frames, with some of them placed vertically and others hung horizontally, is another way to create a dynamic gallery wall.

2. Wall Collage

Wall collages are a great way to add a touch of whimsy to a baby nursery or playroom. A wall collage created with photo frames is similar to a gallery wall in that different sizes of frames are used to display artwork or photographs. But while gallery walls are typically arranged in a grid-style formation, wall collages tend to have a more random layout. The secret to creating a unique wall collage with photo frames is to use different styles and sizes of frames. Don't be afraid to mix textures, colors and media; the more variance of artwork in your collage, the more visually interesting it will be

3. Dry Erase Board

Photo frames can easily be turned into dry erase boards and hung in children's rooms for scribbling reminders. The best part about this project is that you don't need any special materials; just cut a piece of white paper to fit inside of the frame and you're all done! To use it, simply write on the glass.

4. Chalk Board

With a few swipes of chalkboard paint, you can turn any photo frame into a functional chalkboard. Simply remove the glass and place a painted piece of cardboard inside of the frame. You can either use regular chalk or a chalk marker to write messages and reminders on the board. Chalkboard paint is available in several colors besides black, so don't be afraid to get creative when making a chalkboard for a nursery or playroom.

5. Mirror

Instead of replacing the broken glass of a picture frame, why not turn the frame into a mirror? To do this, you'll need to take the frame to a glazier to have a mirror cut to size. If you're decorating a toddler's room or playroom, be sure to choose a shatter-resistant material for the mirror, like acrylic. Next, remove the backing of the frame and set the mirror into position, using glazing push points to hold it in place. Attach hooks to the frame and hang where desired.

6. Clothing Display

Not only do photo frames make charming shadow boxes for baby clothing, but they will also help protect your baby's keepsakes. To frame your child's clothing, you'll need a frame large enough to fit the item of clothing and a piece of matte backing board. Using a needle and thread, tack the clothing in place on the backing board. This will keep the clothing from shifting around as you place it inside of the frame. Alternatively, you can pin the clothing in place. Avoid tape or glue, which can stain or damage clothing. Once the clothing is attached to the backing board, gently slide the board into the frame. Hang the frame on a sturdy nail, using wall anchors for additional support if necessary.

7. Magnet Board

No room left on the refrigerator door? A piece of sheet metal is all you need to turn any photo frame into a magnet board. Simply purchase a sheet of galvanized sheet metal and have it cut to fit inside of the frame (most hardware stores will cut the metal for a small fee). Then, insert the metal sheet into the frame and hang your new magnet board on the wall of your baby's nursery or in your child's bedroom. The board can be used to display your child's artwork, show off report cards and post reminders.

With so many uses for picture frames, your decorating options are limited only by your imagination. Try the wall art ideas above to create an interesting display in your nursery or children's playroom.

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