How to Organize Your Child's Desk

Although setting up a child's desk is simple, keeping it organized and clutter-free requires proper storage solutions. Effective storage can also help create a workspace that is easy for children of all ages to maintain. By following a few simple guidelines, your child can have a functional desk that encourages learning and creativity.

Keep Everyday Items Accessible

The top surface of the desk should be reserved for those items which are considered the most important, like pens, markers and scissors. By keeping the essentials within reach, your child won't have to search through drawers and bins to find the tools they need, eliminating potential messes. Keep these supplies neat using classic pencil holders, or choose an all-in-one desktop caddy with compartments of various sizes.

File Loose Papers

Without a proper spot for loose papers, class notes and old test papers can quickly take over a child's desk. Slip these papers into file folders then into a desk drawer to keep the clutter contained and out of sight. Use color-coded labels to ensure different subjects are easy to find at a glance. File folders are also ideal for organizing blank white paper, construction paper and sticker sheets for art projects.

If the desk has no drawers or the drawers are full, there are other ways to keep loose papers organized. Try attaching pocket folders to the wall to use blank wall space in a functional way. Wall pockets are available in various colors and patterns to match any setting.

Use Pegboard

One of the most versatile items you can have in a child's workspace is pegboard. Pegboard is a large panel, usually neutral in color, with dozens of small holes used for hanging bins and baskets or small tools like scissors. You can also clip photographs or artwork to the pegboard to give the workspace a fun, personalized touch. Pegboard instantly transforms unused wall space into a complete organization station, perfect for rooms with limited tabletop space.

Keep Small Items Contained

Small school supplies, like paperclips, staples and pushpins, can be a challenge to organize. Just like loose papers, these tiny items can quickly clutter a desktop if not properly contained. If you have room on the tabletop, small jars with lids are perfect for spill-proof storage. Drawer organizers, like the ones you'd use in a kitchen, can also be repurposed to fit in desk drawers. These organizers come with multiple compartments to keep small supplies separated.

A child's desk is also a great spot to store the coins they receive from their allowance or special occasions like birthdays. These coins can be stored in small jars or trinket boxes or a classic piggy bank. Some piggy banks can even be personalized with your child's name to create a lifelong keepsake.

Arrange Books

Between textbooks, notebooks, coloring books and novels, your child is likely to have a lot of books to organize. Place a small bookshelf near the workspace or install some floating shelves to create a designated spot for books to sit. Then, add a pair of bookends to keep everything upright and in place. Since bookends come in various shapes and colors, these handy objects also serve as fun decorative elements in the space. By keeping books within reach, the desk space can double as a workspace and as a reading nook.

Label Storage Containers

Setting up baskets and bins for your child's supplies is only half the battle - the real problem is ensuring everything gets put back in its designated spot. That's why label makers are a fantastic organizational tool for children's areas. By labeling each storage container with its contents, your child will always know exactly where their items belong. If you don't have access to a label maker, you can also handwrite labels onto label stickers or masking tape, or print out labels and tape them onto your bins and folders.

Set your child up for success by providing them with a functional spot to study, read, tackle homework assignments and work on creative projects. Organizational tools like pencil holders, file folders, drawer organizers and pegboard keep their supplies neat and accessible. Once everything is in its place, personalized touches like artwork and fun bookends create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere where kids will love to create and learn.

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