Add a little magic to your children’s bedroom or playroom with our stunning canopies designed to fit your needs. At Pottery Barn Kids, we know how important it is to find beautiful decor that adds functionality to your home while also keeping your children safe. That’s why we created gorgeous canopies that add style while maintaining a durable structure to last for years. Many of our canopies are Bisphenol A-, phthalate- and lead-free, making them a terrific choice for environmentally and health-conscious homes. Fill their sleep space with glamour and glitter by selecting canopies made from pure cotton sateen or keep things simple with beige and gray cotton canopies.

Create an enchanting aesthetic by pairing your canopies with darling hanging garlands that add a romantic touch. Delicate stars and moons help invite peaceful dreams while hearts show your children just how much you love them. Butterflies and flowers reflect the sweet innocence of babies and toddlers, so these garlands add a sweet touch to your children’s rooms. Our hanging garlands can be matched with similar themes on our canopies for a cohesive look. You can even find lit garland to act as a nightlight and reassure children when they wake up in the dark in the middle of the night.

Hang our canopies directly above your children’s beds or mount them from the ceiling to create a bordered play area. Make your little one feel like a prince or princess with royal cornice and glitter tulle canopies. Inspire your little sailor with our sailboat-inspired canopy that adds a nautical touch. If your children’s beds are placed up against a wall, look for a box canopy that mounts flat against the wall for a framed look. If you are using a canopy to frame a playroom, make sure to pair it with rugs for maximum comfort when sitting on the floor.

Our canopies can be used for newborn babies and hang beautifully above our cribs to keep your baby safely protected. The thin fabric creates the feel of an enclosed space, providing security and comfort as your baby adjusts to his or her new surroundings. Our animal canopy offers a cuddly friend to keep your baby company and will inspire imaginative dreams. Our canopies all feature metal frames for durability and include all the necessary hardware for installation so you can get it up quickly and get back to bonding with your children.

For nurseries, it’s a great idea to pair canopies with mobiles to keep your baby happy and comfortable. If you’ve chosen a star-inspired canopy, pair it with a mobile featuring clouds and stars or all of the major planets for a cohesive look. Our glitter and sequined canopies add a touch of shimmer that pairs well with soft lamb mobiles for a night of peaceful rest. Mobiles can be used to slowly lull your baby into a quiet rest whether you are putting him or her down for a nap or for the whole night. Choose soothing colors, such as blue and beige, to add a calming effect or brighten up your children’s rooms with aqua canopies.

Hang a canopy above nursery chairs to create the ideal cozy corner to cuddle up and read a bedtime story. Add decorative pillows for maximum comfort and enjoy sweet bonding time with your children while cozied up under a vibrant or muted canopy. For older children, you can take a themed room to the next level. Pair our sailboat bedroom furniture with a shark canopy that turns your children’s rooms into a magical ocean world. For a dryer land option, our house canopy adds the look of your children’s own personal home right in their bedroom.

Create a put-together design by matching canopies to your window treatments. Blackout curtains are ideal for nurseries as they keep out bright sunlight and light pollution from street lamps, ensuring your child can sleep through the night or enjoy a quick cat nap. Sheer curtains add a whimsical touch that matches shimmering canopies like a dream. Mix and match a variety of curtains to achieve the right light filtration and play with hues to create your desired color scheme. Our canopies and window treatments are available in bordered options, creating fine lines that frame in your bedroom furniture and add the finishing touches to any design.

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