How to Hang a Canopy

Although a canopy can add visual interest and an elegant touch to your master suite, in a kid's room, they're all about fun. Hanging a canopy over the bed can make your child a little more excited about bedtime. Think: hidden pillow forts!

Use this guide from Pottery Barn Kids to learn how to hang a canopy in your child's room or in a play area.

Pick Your Placement

Hanging a canopy over your child's bed can create a softer look that appeals to many kids and parents. It can also create a sense of privacy in the room. That's why hanging a canopy over the center of the bed so it drapes over the sides without material gathering in the middle is the go-to choice.

Canopies can be used in other areas of the bedroom or playroom, too. In fact, canopies can be placed in the corner of a room to create a fun tent-like atmosphere for your child to enjoy. Many are easy enough to put and take down once the necessary hardware is installed.

A canopy can also be used in the center or another part of a spare room when positioned over a rug or playmat. You might find that your child loves reading, playing with their toys, or even taking naps -- after playing a little first, of course -- beneath their new canopy.

What You'll Need

Before you can hang your canopy, you’ll need the right tools. You likely already have everything required to hang most basic canopies for your child's room or play area.

  • A step stool or ladder. This depends on the height of the ceiling or the area where you'll be hanging the canopy. Always choose a ladder or step stool that allows you to comfortably reach the highest point without stepping on the top rung.
  • An electric drill. This is to create a guide hole for the canopy hook. Most canopies made of lightweight material like cotton and linen are hung via a simple metal or plastic hook.
  • Drywall anchors. These are used to help fasten the canopy hook to the ceiling. These ensure a snug fit that won't come out of the ceiling even under stress.

These tools will be everything you need for most children's canopies. More complex canopies or those that cover very large areas may require extra tools. Cornice canopies may also involve a different mounting system, but most go up quickly with basic tools like a drill and screwdriver set.

Hanging Your Canopy

After finding the ideal placement in your child's room or play area and gathering your tools, you can begin the process of hanging the canopy. Even if you've never done it before, most canopies can be hung in less than an hour.

  1. Start by clearing the area beneath the canopy. Obviously, this is not possible if you're hanging the canopy over a bed, but make as much room as possible to avoid accidents when you're on a step stool or ladder.
  2. Make sure your ladder or step stool is secure. If you're hanging the canopy more than a few feet off the ground, get somebody to securely hold the ladder while you're on it.
  3. Mark the center point of where you want to hang the canopy hook. This is where your hook should go. This will likely be in the center of the bed or over another item like a playmat. If not, simply pick a center point and mark it on the ceiling with a pencil.
  4. Drill a guide hole for your drywall anchor if you're hanging the canopy on a standard drywall, popcorn or plaster ceiling. A standard drill bit designed for drywall will work well unless you are drilling into a wood beam or other decorative accent like a crown molding. Wear eye protection or shield your face when drilling your guide hole.
  5. Insert the drywall anchor if you are using one. Screw the canopy hook into the drywall anchor. Give it a quick tug to make sure it doesn't give way.
  6. Attach your canopy fasteners or rings to the canopy material if they are not stitched into or connected to your material. Place the canopy fastener or ring onto the hook. Double-check that it is securely in place.
  7. Remove your ladder from the area and show the kids; they'll be sure to love their new canopy.

Add Excitement to Your Canopy

Once your canopy is securely hung, your kids are going to have a blast playing, reading or having slumber parties there. To add even more excitement to a kid's canopy, look for items like glow-in-the-dark stars and constellations that can bring even more fun to the party. Simple items like tinsel and streamers can also be draped over or attached to canopy fasteners in just a few minutes for a unique decorative touch.

Canopies are kid-friendly accessories that can help you add flair to a child's bed or make an older kid's space feel a little more grown up. They'll also give kids a fun place to play alone or with friends.

Best of all, they're easy to install and don't require complex tools, so you can put yours up and enjoy watching your kids ooh and aah over their new decoration!

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