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Kids’ Cups & Plates

Create a nurturing haven for your kids in the kitchen. Eating can be a grand adventure that is met with enthusiasm by hungry little ones when you set the scene (and the table) for fun. The cups, plates and utensils your children eat with each day can help motivate them to enjoy their meal. When they delight in mealtime, a good time can be had by all members of the family. Put an emphasis on cups and plates that are extremely fun and optimally functional. When kids love the characters that appear on their dishes, they even make great gifts.

Put an emphasis on choosing kids’ cups and plates that support the interests your child has already developed. Some kids will yelp for joy at the chance to eat with a Pottery Barn Kids unicorn tabletop giftset that includes a plate, bowl and tumbler with the identical matching artwork. That will certainly amp up the magic at mealtime. Other kids may adore tabletop giftsets with the images of bears or cats. Serve up good feelings along with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your little foodies will love feeling that they have a special plate to eat on that you picked out just for them.

Children’s birthdays are a wonderland for their imagination and anticipation. Birthdays only hold this special enchantment in childhood, so help your child make the most of it with a special glittery garland that can go above the dining room table and a glittery hat that can serve as the centerpiece for a birthday dinner. Also be sure to serve up meals in a celebratory tabletop giftset with a tumbler, bowl and plate that features a design wishing your little one a happy birthday. Eating on it is sure to become a cherished birthday tradition, and you can use it for each child’s birthday. It may inspire them to eat before they even look at their toys.

Older kids are likely to want to eat with cups, plates and utensils that show some pizzazz and fun. Whether children love astronomy or Hollywood, they’ll delight in plate and bowl sets that are covered with blue or silver stars. Cambria plates and bowls come in many solid colors and have a sophisticated look of earthenware that is sure to inspire the imagination of older kids who feel they belong at the grownups’ table. Children of all ages are sure to enjoy Star Wars™ cups, plates and tumblers.

Treat your children to stylish meals on the go with colorful food storage sets that can easily fit inside lunch bags. Bento boxes in your child’s favorite color will eliminate the need for plastic bags and empower your kids to take a variety of snacks with them whether they are going to a friend’s house, school, or even a field trip. Having separate compartment ensures the food stays fresh and doesn’t get all mixed together. A matching nesting trio of boxes with color-coordinated lids can be just the right choices for packing multiple courses for a small picnic. Lunch bags that come with matching food storage are great for school days.

Share some quality time with your family over a tabletop that reflects what matters to your family. Customized plates can be ordered for girls and boys. Kids will be enthralled when you honor their interests with dishes that are chosen just for them. You may even offer encouragement to eat their meal by reminding them that the fun image can be seen just below the food on their plate or in their bowl. To keep messes at bay, don’t forget the place mats, too. A multi-colored zebra place mat can be paired with a matching plate. Adventure-loving children will love place mats with safari themes or lightning bolts. Liven up all your meals and put the finishing touches on a delicious meal by selecting fun plates, cups and utensils.