Playful lighting to brighten up their space.

Light Up a Room in Seconds With Kids Lamps

If you're looking for something different than the traditional table lamp when it comes to lighting up your kid's room, check out the vast array of kids table lamps from Pottery Barn Kids. We've got great lighting solutions that are sure to delight your little boy or girl, from the time they get up to when they tuck in at night.

What Kinds of Kids Lamps Are There?

Whether your little one is a fan of Harry Potter™ or palm trees, we've got the style for you that will reflect their personality and taste. Some of the kinds of kids lamps we carry include:

  • Places and scenes. If your child loves to lie back and daydream, we've got lamps perfect for their imagination, such as a snow globe with a castle inside that looks like it's straight out of the Black Forest. If they are destined to travel, consider one that showcases an iconic landmark such as the Eiffel Tower, which lights up as you adjust the glow level.
  • Movie themes. Keep things magical and mysterious in your little one's room with popular Harry Potter™ and Star Wars™ themes, like an R2D2 lamp base finished in silver and a lamp with a Harry Potter™ Golden Snitch™ in the middle of a hoop.
  • Planes and trains. These toy model lamps are perfect for those kids who collect miniature planes and trains. Our vast selection includes a railway crossing sign with a base that features two red signal lights that illuminate when you turn it on. A kids desk lamp styled as a vintage airplane with a simple on/off switch is another fun and more decorative piece.
  • Animals and insects. Ceramic or acrylic elephants and tiny gold butterflies will suit the nature-lover in your life as they dream of forests and jungles.
  • Frilly and fantastical. If your little one prefers the frilly and fanciful, consider our floral selections, such as our Grace climbing flower lamp boasting glass petals, leaves, beads and antique gold. Or, try our stunning Emily & Meritt Mermaid who glows brightly and majestically on her gold stand.

Bring the Room Together

Top a nightstand or dresser with your themed lamp and pair with a botanical and a clock. Or, complement the lamp design with a piece of wall art to bring it all together for a room that's entirely your child's own.

Make the table lamp a focal point in your kid's room by choosing a lamp that reflects your child's personality from Pottery Barn Kids. With our vast and varied selection of kids lamps, you're sure to find something that they will love and cherish for years to come.