Feeding Essentials

The first few months of baby’s life is rich with adventure and milestones. From birth to adulthood, your child experiences foodie firsts many times like a first bottle or first time nursing, first soft food, and eventually first solid food. As your child explores the world of food, it becomes even more important to have the right tools on hand. At Pottery Barn Kids, we want to make mealtimes more fun from babyhood all the way through elementary. That’s why we’ve created a collection of incredibly useful and exciting baby feeding essentials for easier nursing, mess-free feeding times and better mealtime organization. From nursing pillows to bento boxes, find everything you need to support easier mealtimes, either in your own home or as a gift for a parent you love.

Baby’s first meals come from mom, either via nursing or by bottle. Whichever you decide is right for you, we want to help you treasure those moments even more. Using a boppy pillow while you feed your baby keeps his or her head properly supported and makes it easier to focus less on balancing your little one and more on that adorably cute face. Use curved boppies in any position that works best for you. Snuggle one around the side of your abdomen, around the front of your stomach or even use it to support your own head and neck while you snuggle with your baby. This incredibly versatile tool belongs in any home with an infant. Once your child is a little older, Boppy head supports let you feed him or her in a bouncy chair, car seat or bassinet easily. Monogram the pillow with your name, your child’s name or a simple word, if desired. It is a good idea to purchase a slipcover alongside your boppy as it makes cleanup after spills quick, simple and easy.

Once baby reaches the age of 2 to 3 years, mealtimes get exciting. It’s thrilling to watch your toddler try and enjoy new foods, from simple favorites like mashed potatoes to more advanced, adult-style meals. Encourage them to explore food safely with dishes and utensils that are easy to grasp, cute and ergonomic, too. Available in colors like pink, blue and gray, each set has comfortable, easy-to-hold handles and sections on the base of the plate for individual food items. Other sets look exactly like adult plates but have an 1"-high rim around the edge for mess-free eating. Plates and utensils are large enough for your baby to use them long into childhood, and serve as an incredibly useful kitchen staple.

Hydration is vital to your little one’s health and happiness. Encourage plenty of fluids in a way that’s age-appropriate with our range of sippy cups and juice glasses. Sippy cups come with fully removable, washable lids and bases that are often dishwasher-friendly and may even fit onto a bottle warmer. Check the product description for each item for specifics. Fill with water, juice or milk as needed, washing between uses. Easy-to-hold side handles ensure that even the littlest toddlers are able to grasp, pick up and carry the cup while secure-closure lids make everyday play spill-free.

Once kids reach school age, it’s time to think about school lunches, and that means packing up enough food so they refuel themselves easily throughout the day. Bento boxes and lunchboxes let you keep sandwiches, snacks and sweets neatly separated. Fill them up with delicious tidbits like crackers, cheese and home-baked cookies, and then keep liquids in a Thermos alongside it. Small stainless-steel containers make the ideal place for sliced vegetables, sliced fruit or even fresh dip for crackers. If you are wondering how to step your little one’s lunchtime fun up, then make whimsical, animal-shaped sandwiches with our cute little sandwich cutters and watch your little one’s smile light up.