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Toddler Quilts

Now that they’re able to run around on their own, toddlers typically switch from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a bed. This increased personal autonomy is symbolically important for many parents and their little ones. It’s a rite of passage that signals the true beginning of childhood. Help your toddler approach this new phase of life with excitement and confidence by giving them their first big-kid bed – one that they can grow into in perfect order. Quilts for toddlers from Pottery Barn Kids are a terrific top layer for this brand-new bedding makeup. Make your toddler’s bed something he or she will love by choosing youthfully sweet animal motifs, toddler-friendly vehicle patterns and even some chic contemporary patterns and solid colors.

Your toddler’s bedding likely has a different look and feel to them than what they slept with in their crib. For one thing, toddler bed sheets typically include elements, such as pillowcases and top sheets, which modern crib setups usually do not include. Your child may have slept with a blanket as an infant, so consider letting him or her help you pick out a new toddler quilt for their bed. Depending on how focused your toddler stays, you may need to narrow down our dozens of options to a small handful of picks before having your child weigh in on a final decision.

If you live in a cold climate, consider additional bedding layers beneath the quilt, including a fluffy duvet to keep your toddler warm and comfortable even the chilliest nights. Our quilts for toddlers are great options as a top layer above a duvet or as a stand-alone top layer for warmer locales and summer nights. Many of our quilts for toddlers are part of a bedding collection that includes matching duvet cover and sheeting options, so you are able to create a cohesive bedding setup that your little loves.

Pick up a few different toddler sheet sets for your child so as to make wash days chores simpler and to cycle through as a backup in case of any late-night accidents. As with our quilts for toddlers, our toddler bed sheets come in a variety of adorable styles that are perfectly suited for toddlers. Make the space special for little ones who are starting to feel some autonomy, but aren’t quite ready to step away from their role as their parent’s little sweethearts, by appealing to their interests and, at the same time, keeping the room looking sweet and lovable.

From charmingly sophisticated to adorably childlike, enhance the decor scheme of your tiny tot’s room with our quilts for toddlers. Choose from a variety of unisex prints and colors or focus on more traditionally girly or boyish motifs, depending on your tastes. Let your toddler have some say if possible as getting the kids in on the decision-making process is a wonderful way to help them feel important and included. It also allows them to feel a sense of pride whenever they make their bed, which is an excellent payoff for just a little bit of effort.

Another great way to help your toddler feel at home in his or her new bed is to add some personalized elements to the arrangement. Some of our quilts for toddlers have personalization options that let you choose the color and font for embroidering the child’s name prominently on the quilt. Pair this with matching personalized shams or just let the quilt do the talking. This is an especially adorable idea if you have twins or larger groups of multiples who share a bedroom – anything to enhance the feeling of individuality will be appreciated by your toddlers.

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