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Toddler Bedding

The toddler phase is special for both parents and children; it is a sweet little moment between the adorable newness of babyhood and the rapid change of big-kid life. Toddlers don’t want to feel babied, but they are still small and new to the world, so striking the right balance between softness and respect can be important in every aspect of life, from the books you read at bedtime to the bedding your little one snuggles into after storytime is over. Pottery Barn Kids has an excellent selection of toddler bedding that maintains a sweet style without jumping straight into the realm of independent kid maturity. From pretty pinks and boyish blues to modern styles that can appeal to any kid, these bedding pieces help you savor the special moments that toddlerhood brings.


Whether you are converting your kid’s infant crib into a toddler bed or opting for an entirely new piece of furniture, new sheeting is part of the process of transitioning from bedtimes to a more independent approach for an older kid. Toddlerhood is typically the time when top sheets are introduced to the bedding setup in addition to the fitted sheet you likely used for your crib mattress, so selecting a sheet set that appeals to your child is an important step. Our toddler sheeting is soft and inviting, so your little one will love the coziness of her new bed.


After you’ve got your little one’s sheets all picked out, you can focus on a top bedding layer such as a quilt or blanket. Your toddler is probably too young to have strong preferences about sleep warmth and blanket heaviness, so it is a good idea to simply make a sensible choice about nighttime temperature and provide layers in weights appropriate for the climate you live in.


As you shop for toddler bedding, you probably want to get your kid in on the fun of picking a color and pattern that suits his or her taste best. We offer a variety of different options, from solid colors in special textures to prints that feature animals, vehicles, holiday motifs and abstract geometrics. Narrow down a few options and let your toddler help with the final selection. At this age, getting kids involved in an important decision-making process helps them feel special and respected while also giving them practice in the skill of recognizing personal preference and making choices from a range of good options. Letting the little one help out a bit can also make the transition from familiar crib to new bed feel like a special event.


Toddlers may not all be ready to make decisions, or at least not a bunch of different decisions, so make toddler bedding choices involving things like pillows and duvet inserts yourself. These basics are important, but they don’t have the colors and patterns of our toddler sheets and quilts to keep young minds engaged and focused. We offer some additional bedding basics that can be important for a toddler’s bed, including waterproof mattress covers for protection from inevitable and natural potty training accidents.


Add extra special finishing touches to your toddler bedding collection by opting to have some pieces, like quilts and pillow shams, personalized. Kids love seeing their names on things in their room at this age, and a personalized pillow or quilt provides a wonderful sense of individuality and ownership for your toddler. Make bedtime cozy, personal and fun for your toddler with our special collection of toddler bedding. With options including chic styles and cute classics, you can find just the right balance of youthful charm for your toddler.