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Making Bedtime Fun with Kids Sleepwear

Prepare for bedtime with luxuriously soft, highly durable kids sleepwear. While parents may love these pajamas for their sweet patterns, high quality and easy care, kids are happy to get into them because they're soft, comfortable and leave plenty of room in their fit for playing or snuggling. Get everyone into a pair with family pajama collections, too, that include kids sleepwear, plus pjs for parents. From tight fit to nightgowns to classic sleep sets with loose pants and button-down shirts, there's a pair of pajamas that will have your kids racing to the bedroom to change and wind down for the night.

Matching Pajama Sets for Kids

One of the most appealing thing about shopping for kids sleepwear is that when you select a set, it usually comes with a top and bottom that match. This makes getting kids ready for bed as easy as possible, because you know exactly which pieces go together. They can find tops and bottoms themselves in their drawers or closets or you can quickly lay out pjs for them while they do their final chores or brush their teeth.

  • Choose similar patterns for each kid in your family or match them exactly for fun times and memories of togetherness. For instance, different kinds of plaid, snowman patterns or bold colors fill drawers with lots of options.
  • Pick out coordinating robes or slippers to match sleepwear. Try a style with lots of variants, like robes with hoods styled like kids' favorite critters, so each child can choose an animal head.
  • If you or your kids love nightgowns, check out the inspired pieces at Pottery Barn Kids today. A-line hems, rounded collars, button fronts with plackets and other details make these pjs feel like transitional leisure wear that looks adorable.

Picking Themes and Characters Kids Love

Explore your kids' favorite characters and themes with them. When you let them choose kids sleepwear they love, it's easier and more fun to get them ready for bed. Discover everything available now and check back often for more new styles.

  • Disney princesses are always in fashion. See if one of the kids in your life can pick their favorite princess for the evening with each wear.
  • Some kids love the adventure of Star Wars and might even start to see bedtime as a chance to read or dream about their own adventures when they have these cozy pajamas.
  • Look for other special features, like glow-in-the dark print details, holiday prints, embroidered backsides for babies or other sweet looks you can't miss.

Kids Sleepwear Favorites

Pair your kids sleepwear with other bedtime accessories to make evening more enjoyable for everyone. Let toddlers and younger kids enjoy the comfort of baby blankets, while older kids can pick out throws or full-size blankets to use around the house. Get them slippers, stuffed animals, and anything else that makes the night smooth and relaxing.