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Girl Duvet Covers

If there’s one thing little girls love as much as a good story at bedtime, it’s snuggling up under some soft and comfy covers. Bed is the place where girls dream their dreams and where their imaginations run wild, and it’s important that they feel cozy-as-can-be before the lights go out. So go ahead and pick the story, and then let us help out with the comfort. At Pottery Barn Kids, we have lots of duvet covers for girls that come in a range of colors and patterns, and with styles that can complement an assortment of different themes in a child’s space.

When you first walk into a bedroom, one of the first things you probably notice is the bed – after all, a bed is often the biggest piece of furniture in the room. This is why one of the simplest ways to spruce up the decor in a bedroom is to accessorize the bedding. Not only does it give the room a refreshing dose of decorative cheer, it makes her space even more inviting and welcoming. Let her choose a duvet cover with a color or pattern that works well with her personal tastes, pair it with a decorative throw pillow and then take a step back and admire the transformation.

A girl’s bedroom is her private sanctuary, and that’s why everything in it ought to reflect her unique personality. To help her find something that’s just right for her, our duvet covers come in a diverse range of styles. She can pick out her favorite color for a classic look, or maybe she can indulge herself with one of our vibrantly patterned duvet covers, like floral or polka dot. Perhaps one of the best things about our duvet covers is that a lot of them are reversible, meaning she can alternate between colors and prints to suit her mood at the moment. Not all girls are the same, though. Some like sports and Star Wars™ a lot more than they like delicate pinks and pretty patterns. That’s why we have lots of covers to satisfy almost any personality, including soccer- and BATMAN™-themed duvets.

When the chilly winter weather comes along, ensuring kids keep warm is especially important. Let the snow fall and the frosty winds blow, and take comfort knowing your little girl is nicely nestled under her duvet cover. Is there a better time for her to click on her bedside lamp and cuddle up with a good book? A few of our duvet patterns are seasonally themed, so she can use her cozy comforter to feel especially warm during the cold winter months. These themed patterns are also great for getting her into the holiday spirit.

Fabric is another important factor when picking out the right duvet cover for your girl. Some girls want to be toasty and warm, while others might like a blanket with a lighter material. To suit your little girl’s personal preference, our duvet covers are available in a variety of fabrics. Organic cotton is a classic choice that works well for every season, while a flannel duvet cover gives her a cushy softness that’s perfect for colder nights. To give her a bit of luxury, we even have velvet covers, which are a smooth blend of cotton and rayon and soft to the touch. All that’s needed now is a friendly new plush toy and it’s time for sweet dreams.

No matter what the age, a good night’s sleep is essential. That’s why a bed should be as comfy as possible. The right set of sheets to match a little girl’s duvet cover can go a long way in helping her feel cozy at night. Many of our sheets are designed to match our comforters, so finding a set that works for her is fun rather than a chore.

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