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Decorative Pillows & Blankets

There are easy ways to add that extra layer of decor to bring a bedroom to life, and our Pottery Barn Kids decorative pillows are a great place to start. Choose from sweet and playful animal designs, to bold and colorful designs. For a pillow that is be uniquely theirs, choose one customized with the childʼs initials or name. This option is especially handy for households with multiple children since it offers kids a sense of ownership. In addition, there is never confusion about what belongs to whom. For the basic pillows, look at our pillow inserts. We offer both down pillows, down blend pillows and down alternative pillows. Down pillows are very soft and lush and leads to a deep sleeping experience. Conversely, the child may have sensitivities to feathers, in which case the down alternative pillows may be a better option. These are filled with synthetic materials yet also offer a similar comfort level as the regular down pillows. Simply cover these up with a pillowcase of choice and place one or two on the bed for optimal comfort. A quality pillow equates to a better night of sleep.

Another great decor addition to childrensʼ bedrooms are our ceiling and wall lighting. We have playful wall lighting that appeals to children, including neon shapes and light-up letters. These provide ambient lighting when it gets darker outside and used as a night light for children who are still uncomfortable with darkness. We also offer a great range of ceiling lighting that adds a level of sophistication. Choose a scalloped flush mount for a girlʼs room, or an industrial looking hanging pendant light for a boyʼs room. For a girlʼs room with a princess theme, look at our selection of chandeliers. These chandeliers bring elegance and spark the imagination. Place them in the center of the room for a regal vibe or place them in the corner of the room to draw attention to windows. Ceiling lights are a great way to add light to a room without sacrificing floor space. For a boyʼs room with a nautical theme, add our fisherman pendant to bring forth a seaside vibe.

To create an illusion of a greater space and invite brightness into any room, add one of our mirrors to the bedroom wall. These add a nice decorative touch and are very useful for kids to use when getting ready for school in the mornings. We have both wooden and metal-framed mirrors, choose one that best fits within the current roomʼs decor. Put a mirror above a dresser for the most convenient placement. We also have decorative mirrors, which are a refreshing alternative to traditional wall art. If the bedroom is small and cozy, consider our shelving. These install easily and are able to hold a number of items, whether they be decorative or items that the child uses on a daily basis. A great place to place a shelf is by the bedroom door. It serves as a convenient place to put important items, such as homework, phones and other small items. Shelves are also useful right next to study desks, for textbooks and notebooks. Install them solely to add a place to display room accessories. From alarm clocks, snow globes to piggy banks, we have some useful and pleasant items that make the bedroom feel even more comfortable and homey. Teach children how to save and manage money by giving them a piggy bank and placing it on a shelf. Another option is to gift them something that they treasure like snow globes.

For those who have a keen attention to detail, round out any bedroom with our knobs, pegs and hooks. Although these may not be immediately noticed, add knobs to curtain rods or dressers for that extra special touch. Choose from knobs shaped like sports balls, stars or butterflies.

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