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Wearable Blankets for Comfort and Ease

Get your baby feeling cozy, yet free with wearable blankets. These ingenious little body wraps let your babies hips and legs feel snuggled up in a stylish pouch while still leaving room for maneuvering in a world that's all new to them. You can hold and carry your baby easily, but still enjoy their natural movements as they reach, touch and feel. Since they're available in a variety of sweet patterns, like celestial elements, confetti or polka dots, metallic touches and more, you can ensure that whichever you choose for the day matches your baby's outfit and coordinates with yours and your accessories. Stylish and easy to include in your baby's ensemble, wearable blankets combine the best of blankets and jumpsuits for your convenience and their comfort.

What Are Wearable Blankets?

Wearable blankets are a stellar combination of a pouch, a blanket, a jumpsuit and a tank top. They're soft, easy to put on or take off your baby's body and they come in lots of attractive colors and patterns, so you can select a new one every day.

  • The main body of the blanket is shaped like a pouch. The bottom is enclosed with rounded corners secured by a strong seam that can handle a growing baby as he or she kicks while traveling.
  • Down the center of the front of the garment is a zipper. This zipper goes all the way from the neckline of your wearable blankets to the pouch. It's how you can dress and undress your baby so quickly.
  • At the top of the blanket, armholes are designed into the silhouette, much like a tank top has shoulder straps. Be sure to dress your baby in something soft to go under the blanket. The tops of these pouches aren't shirts.

Personalizing Baby Blankets

Add a unique touch to wearable blankets and other baby blankets when you personalize them. You can include your baby's name in embroidery on many garments or linens, so keep it in mind when shopping for gifts for other babies in your life, too.

  • Personalization takes a simple blanket or garment and elevates it to a keepsake or memento. You can keep the piece well after your baby outgrows it to enjoying recalling how little he or she is now.
  • Putting a baby's name on a wearable blanket or other linens makes it a special personalized baby gift. Your recipient will know you care enough to take the time to special order something for their baby.
  • Since wearable blankets already have zippers with a soft backing down the center, the embroidery from personalization becomes part of the overall thickness of the garment. Stitching is high quality and lasts through several rounds of care.

Selecting Designer Wearable Blankets

Feel free to splash out with your style when you choose blankets from designers like Lilly Pulitzer. The bold patterns and patchwork styling make a statement while your baby stays cozy.

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