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Girls and Boys Pajamas, Robes and Slippers

Making new friends is a natural part of growing up. Your best friends stick with you on into adulthood, creating tons of memories in the process. Learning to have fun with other children and participate in a conversation is a skill that pays off big time. How can you make opportunities for your kids to spend time with friends? There are many possibilities, such as heading to a park together, going out for ice cream or visiting the zoo. One favorite is a sleepover. At Pottery Barn Kids, we want your kids to have an awesome time. Our girls and boys pajamas, robes and slippers help children to feel comfortable and relaxed when at a friend’s house.

What kind of pajamas do kids like? Well, every child is a little bit different. It’s not a bad idea what style he or she wants. That way, your kids excited about wearing them. Some themes that are popular with children are underwater exploration, fairy tales and princesses, outer space and superheroes. With their favorite characters all around, kids feel more confidence around others and even tend to show off a bit to their friends. Score one for mom and dad.

Besides being bright and colorful, pajamas also make kids comfortable in a literal sense. They’re soft and cozy, which cushions kids no matter what kind of activity is planned for the sleepover. They can move around with ease, sit on the floor or jump around without skipping a beat. Flannel pajamas also have the advantage of being very toasty. That’s good for them and lets you breathe easy since you know that they’re wrapped up and protected even if it gets chilly in the early morning.

What else can kids bring along to enjoy a slumber party even more? A lightweight but cushioned sleeping bag is ideal for the occasion, even if children prefer to talk more than sleep. Something breathable like cotton keeps their skin cool and dry while creating a warm barrier too. Slippers mean toasty feet in the morning for breakfast, which kids especially love if their friend’s house has cold wood or tile floors.

When packing for a trip away from home, one good place to start is with a backpack that’s tailored to your child. How big of a backpack do your children need? That depends on their taste, age and interests. You probably want something big enough to hold all of their most important possessions but still lightweight enough that they can carry it around without issues. Our backpacks have a large interior with tons of pockets, which is nice for separating things, so they’re easy for your child to find.

What kinds of things can you pack for a sleepover? Some parents recommend sending along pajamas, extra clothes in case of emergencies, a bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush and washcloth. Packing a favorite toy in their backpack helps to alleviate any nervousness they feel. Depending on their dietary needs, storing some snacks can be a good idea too. If your children are old enough to use a telephone, including a mobile phone lets them call if they want to be picked up or to check in.

What if you’re the one hosting a children’s party? What tips can help you keep things as stress-free and awesome as possible? One suggestion is to spend some time planning beforehand. Talk to you child and ask who he or she wants to invite. Sending out invitations, or a quick phone call, helps the other child’s parents know what to pack. It also tells you if there are any allergies to consider.

Children are very inventive, so slumber parties usually don’t require scheduling a bunch of activities. It’s often enough just to provide the tools for fun, such as toys, old clothes or a child-appropriate movie, and then let your kids improvise. As long as they have fun, the party is a resounding success.

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