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Duvet & Pillow Inserts

A cozy bed has many elements. The bed frame and mattress themselves are the foundation, but it’s what you put on top that can have the biggest impact on how comfortable your kiddos are when it’s time to say goodnight. Pottery Barn Kids’ duvet and pillow inserts are available in a range of different plush, cloudlike fill types, with down alternative, down and feather blend, and pure down ready for you to bring home and add to your child’s bedding collection. No matter what kind of other bedding elements you choose, having the right pillow and duvet options in place ensures that your child enjoys sumptuous comfort while drifting off to dreamland.

While it makes sense to get your child’s input on what sheets he or she wants, you can pick out the duvet cover and pillows yourself. In fact, if your child isn’t yet old enough to understand the difference between different fill types, you can save time and effort for both of you by simply making a selection with our help. One easy way to decide which fill type to go for is to consider whether your child has any down or feather allergies – if this is the case, our pillowy-soft down alternative duvet and pillow inserts are a perfect choice.

Our duvet inserts and pillows use plain white exterior coverings, so decorative pillowcases and a cool duvet cover are a must-have to complete the look of these bedding basics. Let your kid decide what kind of duvet he or she wants; we offer a variety of different styles, so there’s something for every child with any special interests. If you have a little girl who’s interested in traditionally feminine motifs, we have plenty of selections, and we also carry duvet covers with themes that typically appeal to little boys, including sports and transportation-focused prints. If your kids have more of a modern sensibility, they may be interested in our numerous unisex options too, which depict animals, pop culture icons, simple geometric patterns and more.

If you live in an area that sees widely varying temperatures at different times of year, consider investing in a couple of different duvet covers to hold different weights of duvet inserts. As an alternative approach, consider adding a quilt or some blankets to your child’s bedding collection so you can layer his or her bed the same way you would with clothes on an early fall day that might be either cold or warm. All of our kids’ bedding is available in a range of fun colors and patterns to appeal to kids with all different personalities, letting you speak to their individual qualities and help them feel special.

Add extra layers of plushness to your child’s bed by introducing some decorative pillows into the mix with the rest of their bedding. We offer some pillows that match with specific bedding collections, so if your child has a neat sensibility and likes things to match, you can opt to outfit the bed in the same colors and patterns from top to bottom. For kids who like a more eclectic look, we offer plenty of decorative pillows in fun shapes and bright, sparkly colors to add additional softness to their bed when the duvet and pillow inserts are in place and everything’s arranged nicely.

Like all of our kids’ bedding, our duvet and pillow inserts pay special attention to a child’s unique needs. You can use your expertise in the art of staying comfortable in bed to give your kids a boost and select some duvet and pillow inserts to make their beds feel magically warm and comfy.