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Enhance Your Decor with Nursery Throw Pillows

Create depth and detail in a baby's room with nursery throw pillows. These soft, sumptuous pillows feature your favorite kinds of decorating inspiration. From flowers to foxes and moonlit scenes to embroidered first names, there's a throw pillow for every baby and every nursery. Stock up on a pile of pillows to make a nursery chair where you feed feel a little more luxurious. Place keepsake shams along the back of a changing table. For older toddlers, try a few throw pillows in a crib that you've treated with a conversion kit so that it becomes a bed. Nursery throw pillows make wonderful mementoes and memorable gifts, so start browsing so your favorites right now.

What Are Nursery Throw Pillows?

Nursery throw pillows are small, decorative pillows that you can place around your baby's bedroom on various furnishings. They can soften corners or edges, add depth to furnishings or become part of a display of meaningful keepsakes loved ones have given your baby.

  • Throw pillows are intended as decor, but you can use them for a little bit of extra cushioning. Place one behind your back while rocking or feeding your baby or try one on your lap to support your child while holding him or her.
  • These pillows are usually rectangular, but can also be square, round or cylindrical. When they're cylindrical, they're often referred to as lumbar pillows, because they fit into the lumbar curve at the bottom of your back.
  • You can choose to bring home pillowcases or shams and trade them out as covers for pillow inserts. This may make keepsakes easier to preserve, too, once your baby grows into a child. You can fold up shams and put them in a drawer for later admiration.

Personalizing Keepsakes for Babies

Personalizing nursery throw pillows makes them even more special. Choose to embellish your pillows with the name of your baby, an important date or other message that means something to your family.

  • Classic personalization for pillows and other baby or nursery items may include embroidering the baby's first name. This is a simple way to customize a nursery while maintaining an elegant aesthetic.
  • Other ways to personalize pillowcases or other items may include the baby's birthday or a day when your family enjoyed a ritual together to celebrate the new baby's arrival. You can also choose to honor a later birthday.
  • Take the time to peruse the Personalization Shop to discover how you could pair your throw pillows with other items as gifts or decor.

Matching Bedding and Other Nursery Decor

Creating a room full of matching elements makes spending time with your baby even sweeter. Look to style experts and popular designers like Emily & Meritt for nursery throw pillows, crib linens, lighting and more.

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