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All Kids Bedding

Create the best possible sanctuary for your children to unwind in with our selection of all kids bedding that is sure to make them smile every time they step inside. At Pottery Barn Kids, we want to give you the opportunity to decorate a space for your children to learn, play and grow. Keep them cozy and warm while limiting allergens with our organic bedding that is kid-approved and eco-friendly. Choose from a variety of prints including polka dots, stripes and hearts in vibrant hues or muted shades for the ideal retreat for your children.

Making your children cozy is so much more than just fabric. Our quilts inspire their imagination and invoke the cozy comforts of grandma’s house with pleats and plaids that they’ll love. Create a soothing space for busy minds with soft pastels, such as sea blue and pale pinks, or add a vibrant pop of color with yellows or oranges that invoke sunny days. For cold climates, opt for a velvet quilt that will keep your children cozy warm even as it starts to snow outside. Add character with your children’s preferred animals like dinosaurs, ponies and kittens.

One you’ve chosen a quilt or duvet, the next step is to pick out bed sheets that you can pair for a cohesive look. Choose matching sheets or create a contrasting look with mismatched colors or patterns. Inspire your child’s imagination with mythical creatures from unicorns and mermaids to their favorite living animals from pandas to elephants. You can even select bedding with sports themes to move your child to greatness with bed sheets featuring baseballs, footballs and soccer balls. Cuffed sheet sets add a touch of understated simplicity and are suitable for rooms with busy patterns or muted themes.

Spice up the decor in your children’s rooms by adding decorative pillows and shams that also increase their comfort. Choose a lumbar pillow that they can use to prop themselves up when reading a bedtime story or opt for a large, square pillow that they can relax on in bed or on the floor when playing with their toys. Choose inspiring sayings to keep them motivated or opt for a touch of shimmer with sequined or macramé pillows. Animal-shaped pillows are a great way to add character to a room, and they also double as toys with which your children can use for interaction.

Increase warmth and wrap your kids up in blankets and throws that will keep them comfortable and cozy. Tassel throws are ideal for older children and can add texture and fun accents to simple rooms. If you live in a cold climate, opt for a chunky knit throw that will keep your children warm even when the temperature dips below zero. Get festive with holiday themed throws that can add a touch of holiday wonder in your children’s rooms. Organic woven blankets are an ideal choice for children who suffer from allergies or homes that strive to use environmentally conscious materials. For hot climates, look for thin, cotton blankets that keep your children cozy without overheating even as the temperatures outside skyrocket.

Adding a bed skirt is a fun way to add style while also keeping the under-bed area neat. Use the under-bed area of platform beds to store seasonal clothes or extra bedding and keep it hidden from view with a bed skirt featuring ruffles or romantic eyelets. Tulle bed skirts with sparkles add a glimmering effect perfect for your prince or princess. Bed skirts can also be used to cover built-in storage or older bed frames, immediately breathing new life into your children’s bedrooms without having to replace furniture.

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